(Česky) Řídicí informační systém vozidla MHD – RIS II

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UCU units help to save lives in Brno

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Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France

Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France Our company participated from 4. to 7. November 2019 at ETSI 7th CMS Plugtest in Nice, France. In general, ETSI (European Telecomunication Standardization Institute) Plugtests serve telecommunication device vendors to test and debug … Continue reading

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(Česky) Mezinárodní testy interoperability V2X komunikace

International test of interoperability in V2X communication Last week, April 23. – 26., our company successfully participated in the event Intercor PKI Testfest (http://intercor-project.eu/second-testfest-european-project-intercor-proves-cross-border-interoperability/ ), which took place in the city of Reims, France. The goal of this event was … Continue reading

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