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IT-TRANS 2022 exhibition

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Hamburg – continuation of BiDiMoVe project

Hamburg – continuation of BiDiMoVe project In August 2021, we successfully participated in a plug test of the BiDiMoVe project (Bidirektionale Multimodale Vernetzung – the project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) – more … Continue reading

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Test of bilateral preference PT using V2X

Test of bilateral preference communication using V2X – verification of  controlled t stationing principle A successful test of possibly the first bilateral communication between an intersection controller and an UPT vehicle ( controlled stationing) took place on  4.10.2019 in Ostrava. It was … Continue reading

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Plug-test of OBU units in Hamburg

Plug test V2X ve městě Hamburk In the week from 23. – 27. August 2021 our company successfully participated in the Plug-test of OBU units within the project BiDiMoVe. BiDiMoVe is a project funded by German Federal Ministry of Transport. … Continue reading

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TESTS OF PT PREFERENCE USING V2X AND IBIS-IP IN LUDWIGSBURG German cities and Czech cities face similar problems i.e. they try to prefer public transportation and they want to use standards defined in the whole EU to do that – in … Continue reading

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(Česky) Řídicí informační systém vozidla MHD – RIS II

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V2X communication can prevent tram crash

V2X communication can prevent tram crashes On 13. 12. 2019 our company, in cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague and Public Transport Company of Ostrava (DPO), conducted a test of a tram collision-warning system (forward collistion warning). The collision … Continue reading

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(Česky) Test adaptivních tempomatů kontra V2X komunikace (Car2Car) dne 6. 12. 2019

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UCU units help to save lives in Brno

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Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France

Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France Our company participated from 4. to 7. November 2019 at ETSI 7th CMS Plugtest in Nice, France. In general, ETSI (European Telecomunication Standardization Institute) Plugtests serve telecommunication device vendors to test and debug … Continue reading

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