News 2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014

November 2017
October 2017
  • We developed a new type of the EPIS 4.0C on-board computer for new competitive tenderings. It is up to 10x more efficient than EPIS 4.0A or EPIS 4.0B and 100x more efficient than the first EPIS 4.0. Its architecture makes it possible to use an SSD drive, to connect an external checking unit EPP, and any type of radio station – analog, digital and also TETRA.
  • We started a transformation and a gradual conversion of the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. Company to the Herman systems s.r.o. legal person. Considering the place of the company on the market, this step is a logical one. However, the process is going to be long and complex. During the long-lasting history of the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. company, commitments and liabilities have been established that cannot be changed in a day. This also applies to law and tax aspects of the transformation.
  • We were the first in the Czech Republic to launch online broadcasting of information from the media directly into vehicle LCDs – more information here.
September 2017
  • We supplied all external LCDs for the substitute bus terminal in Bratislava. We supplied 34 ELP 832A LCDs for displaying departures from individual platforms, 12 ELP 855A LCDs for overview displays for a row of platforms and an ELP 865A in the “standing” rendering (will be installed).
  • We built an information system for the transportation terminal in Bánská Bystrice (more information here). The system contains 20x double-sided information departure panel ELP 225B with an illuminated platform number, 8x LCD 65″ ELP 865A in the antiglare and antivandal rendering and a new version of the control SW – SPRINTER TERMINAL.
August 2017
  • We supplied intelligent stops to Bratislava. The project was characterized by us supplying innovated LED panels ELP 350 and ELP 352 that are equipped with a full-fledged camera system with a recoding disc, a GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE modem, stop name illumination and other improvements. 36 panels in 4 renderings were supplied.
  • We handed over the first phase of the “intelligent stops” project in MDPO plc.. In this project, we have prepared new types of stop panel power supply from trolley lines – types NB 02/0x (simple to quintuple source, i.e. 450W to 2250W), new types of LED panels – line ELP 134, ELP 136 and ELP 136 and a power supply block NB 125/90 that is designed to power ELP 134 panels by using solar panels.
July 2017
  • We introduced a new generation of vehicle LED panels VLP to the market. This line is equipped with new MCU 40 control units that make it possible for the LED panels to be redrawn up to 1000x in 1 second (this is at least three times faster than the previous). This makes it possible for the panel to display pictures with more shades of grey.
  • We improved camera system functions by adding the possibility of connecting a rear (backing up) camera, a camera for monitoring putting a collector on the trolley wire (on-trolleying), and a front camera. We also included a new type of power supply (PoE converter – type B to type A). The system is now fully versatile and can be used in regional and municipal public transportation vehicles.
June 2017
  • We performed the reconstruction of stop LCDs of the transportation terminal in Svinov. This included large panels ELP AP855EH (diagonal 55”), and on chosen spots, we replaced the double ELP D821EH with triple LCD F821EH.
  • We acquired a certificate of meeting the norm „ČSN EN 45545-2 + A1 Railway application – Railway vehicle fire protection – Part 2: Fire protection requirements of materials and parts“ for inner LCD type VCS and VCSP produced by our company. This means that we can supply passenger LCDs for trains.
May 2017
  • We are preparing new 10,1″ types of LCD terminals for EPIS 4.0x on-board computers – types EPT 4.10A and EPT 4.10B suitable for checking at the driver when the driver chooses from many tariffs. A similar type is used for regional line checking for the segmented version EPIS 5A-FCS.
  • We started the project „Supply of the system of intelligent stops for public transportation in Opava“. This project includes supplying 20 intelligent stops; 4, 6, and 8 line LED panels and SPRINTER ELP equipped with digital signs and displaying of vehicle movement on a map for the travelling public. The terminals are powered from trolley lines.
  • The first complex transportation information system including checking in the Czech Republic was put in to operation (see „self-service checking“). This system is the first one to have all the components needed to run a transportation information system (dispatching control, backoffice for passenger checking, remote data loads, data preparation for the whole system, online access to vehicles, and many other features) including checking that is a part of on-board computers. The system was reported on by the Czech Television.
  • We prepared multimedia LCD VCCS 320 F to make waiting on transportation terminals and long rides (mainly for children) more enjoyable. On the multimedia LCD movies can be chosen and it can be updated and supervised remotely.
April 2017
  • As we have encountered efforts to use solar energy to power devices in public transportation (in some cases faulty efforts) we published a new article „Solar energy in public transportation to bring some light to this kind of power supply.
  • We started preparations for the production of a new type of wifi units for vehicles UCU5.0 including the control SW. The unit fully meets the demands of MSR (Moravian-Silesian Region) on wifi technology vehicle equipment.
  • During the 4. International conference „Smart and Healthy Transport in Cities“ in Plzeň on 4.4. and 5.4.2017 we successfully presented a new type of checking – „self-service passenger checking with control at the driver, a camera system for public transportation vehicles and and an intelligent stop sign and other products of our sompany.
March 2017
February 2017
  • We broadened our LCD product portfolio and introduced a new type of control touchscreen vehicle LCDs called VCS 185ADT. These LCDs can be connected to a standard PC with the possibility of being used in an industrial environment. They can be used outside vehicles in difficult environments (e.g. depots, industrial production, etc..)
  • We finished the development of a new two-legged compact digital sign for the city of Plzeň – ELP 173. The sign is characterized by a 30×120 LED information surface with 3,8 mm LED spacing and with the possibility of being controlled by the SW SPRINTER. The sign can be equipped with a new type of accumulator power supply using lithium accumulators with long lifespan. In this rendering, the signs can be also powered by public lighting.
January 2017
  • We realized a new proposal of ROPID stop screens for our LCD panels – ELP 832AI-H.
  • As a part of the ING advertisement campaign, we put in operation UCU 4.0 wifi units in trams in Plzeň, Ostrava, Brno and Olomouc. These units are controlled by a MEDIA server that makes it possible to monitor the units and the behavior of the passengers connecting to hte internet.
December 2016
  • We put in operation new control of stop LCD displays by using a MEDIA server that is able to process information about vehicle departures provided by a third side and at the same time it is also able to insert transport information or advertisements in set time intervals.
  • We are supplying 36 stop LED panels to the Bratislava Transportation Company (ELP line 35x). This supply includes four-line single-sided panels, four-line double-sided and six-line double-sided panels. The panels are equipped with cameras with recording devices, LTE modems and stop name illumination.
November 2016
  • We are realizing a third regional IDS (Integrated Transportation System) dispatching, this time in the region of Ústecko where we offered the best option in a competitive tendering. The basis of the solution is the control SW SPRINTER IDS.
  • We introduced a new generation of outer LCD panels to the market – type SLIM with narrow edges and improved design.
  • We started production of innovated voice beacon OAS 130 with lowered power consumption for applications sensitive to power consumption. It can be powered by a solar panel (can be placed anywhere). This concept of lowered consumption will be implemented in other command receivers.
  • We introduced to the market new types of command receivers designed to control intersection signalization EPNEV 3.17 and with simple outputs for door opening EPNEV 3.15 and for the RS 485 busbar EPNEV 3.16 (innovated lines).
October 2016
  • We are realizing a contract for supplying 61 stop signs to Beroun. This contract includes 8 electronic signs – type ELP 183, stop panels ELP 203, an incoming large panel ELP 652 in a single color rendering, 2x new generation LCD 55″ for a waiting room (will be introduced in November 2016) including a new way of controlling a system of this size.
  • We are preparing almost 50x system for the vision impaired OAS – new type 130 including the possibility of power supply by a solar panel (about 30 applications).
  • We realized a new type of camera system (article about the camera system here) connected to complete control in transportation companies and integrated in on-board informatics – on-board computer EPIS 4.0x. It is a space saving solution – see description of recording LCDs (all in one). There is also a new solution of distribution using the ECU 08P2B eth. switch.
September 2016
  • We presented at the InnoTrans 2016“ international transportation technology exhibition in Berlin at the A2/111 stand where we presented news from this year’s production such as a new type of passenger LCD VCS 290, a new type of stop sign, a color stop panel, a combined vehicle panel (multi-color modules combined with single-color modules) and other products and system solutions.
  • We developed a new type of stop sign with 3,8 mm LED spacing with a 30×120 black LED diode matrix. Its size is similar to a stop sign size. The readability of the sign is about 15m.
  • We broadened our LCD product portfolio by adding a new type VCS 290. The panel is designed to be a replacement of a two-line inner LED panel. The panel is able to display either detailed information as a two-line inner panel or „a pearl necklace“ on one half and advertisements and transport information on the other.
August 2016
  • We are preparing for production a new type of color or combined (contain multi-color and single-color LED modules) outer LED tableaus VLP 19K/20K or other sizes. Their production will be possible thanks to a newly developed high-performance panel control unit. They are characterized by low input power just like other tableaus produced by us.
  • We performed performance tests of the EPIS 5FCC cash register for the new type of checking using the identification number of a bank card. After identifying the bank card, the on-board computer found passenger info and displayed their photo to the driver in 100 ms.. Thus the driver can check whether the card holder is the same person that paid for the subscription. The database contained 500 thousand subscribers including photos.
July 2016
  • We are preparing a new type of LCD for passengers in vehicles (type VCS 21,5 BE-LW) that supports many communications and it can be connected to an advertisement supervision server. Thanks to its LTE modem it can also provide vehicle wifi of up to 30 Mbit/s (similar to the UCU unit). It is also equipped with a firewall and it can arrange communication with the on-board computer or vehicle informatics. The advantage of this product is that everything is integrated in one panel and for a very good price. The catalogue list can be downloaded here:VCS 215Bx_LW.
  • We are preparing vehicle camera systems with passenger LCDs as control units – type VCS – equipped with a hard drive for camera recordings. They can be controlled by buttons or an on-board computer (mainly EPIS 4.0x). A new eth. switch ECU 08P2B was developed for the purpose of camera system power supply. The system is designed for the DPO plc. for which we are realizing a supply and installation of 72 camera systems in cooperation with the Master IT company.
June 2016
  • We prepared a new type of vehicle wifi unit UCU 4.0 L. This unit is equipped with an LTE modem with a communication speed of 30 Mbit/s and a high performance wifi unit that is able to serve all the passengers in a vehicle.
  • We presented out information system during Solaris Days 2016 held in Brno on 22.6.2016. The presentation of our company can be downloaded here: Prezentace Solaris Days 2016.:
  • As a part of 73. and 51. Meeting of transportation-operation groups in the Czech and Slovak SDP (Transportation Company Association) that took place in Brno 7. – 9. June 2016, we presented our new products and arranged a visit of the business premises of the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc company. There the participants saw the production premises and the latest products of our company (color stop panel, two new validator types, new generation of on-board computers, electronic paper for stops, vehicle wifi, etc…). Video from the visit can be seen here …
May 2016
  • We are preparing a new generation of stop panels ELP 813,3 type P with electronic paper. These panels can be used as changeable schedule displays or simple stop signs. Their advantage is that they behave as paper and only need energy for rewriting information and they do not have any illumination.
  • We prepared a new generation of protection voltage electrical ballast BSV-PS 12 (the fourth generation) for power supply sources working with tractive voltage of 600V to 750V. They are resistant to voltage peaks caused by recuperation. We also have a new type of independent voltage changer BSV-NB 02 from tractive voltage of 600V – 750V to 24V/20A. They can also be used for powering digital stop signs.
April 2016
  • We developed a full color outer information RGB LED panel – ELP 368 – 80 x 192 points that is designed for intelligent stops and general information systems (e.g. parking). This type of panel is becoming more accessible thanks to the significant lowering of prices of RGB LED for outer use.
  • On 26.4.2016 we were accepted as „other member“ of the Czech Association of Public Transport Authorities. This membership will allow us to react to the needs of regional transportation authorities in a much quicker way.
  • The MSP 5.0 unit was successfully tested for use in IDS JMK. It should be mentioned that only the fourth integrated GSM modem met the requirements of KORDIS JMK plc. (the previous three did not) in such a way that it provided maximum accessibility / efficiency of IDS vehicle position surveillance and simultaneously also voice calls to the dispatching.
March 2016
  • We developed a new touchscreen LCD terminal equipped with a contactless card reader with the possibility of integrating bank cards for checking in public transportation – type EVK 50.
  • We put a TTS system (reading of contents displayed on panels – a text-to-speech convertor) for the vision impaired into operation as a part of an already supplied information system in MOST.
  • Our company took part in the IT-TRANS 2016 international exhibition in Karlsruhe where we presented complex information systems including checking.
February 2016
  • We put an information system into operation at the transportation terminal in Uherský Brod. The basis of this system consists of double faced LED panels ELP 420 for displaying arrivals and departure LED panels for platforms  ELP 403. The waiting room was equipped with an LCD panel with an integrated control unit.
  • We put an information system into operation at the newly built Hranečník terminal in Ostrava. The terminal is equipped with three-line, six-line and nine-line text panels ELP 413A, ELP 416A a ELP 419A and a double LCD ELP D842EH. The panels are going to be equipped with a TTS (text-to-speech system for reading aloud the displayed information.
January 2016
  • We started producing combined double faced LED/LCD panels VCSP 20x128GI/37WE. These panels use green LED panels of a new generation (type D)  outside a vehicle and a wide LCD VCS 37WE inside a vehicle.
  • EPIS 4.0B1 on-board computers communicate with the dispatching via a digital radio network supplied by RADOM. We also included our digital radio switchboard that makes it possible for the network to be controlled from two dispatchings.
December 2015
  • We supplied 16 intelligent stops to the city of Ústí nad Labem. They are based on a new type of double faced stop LCD display ELP B827 ,(16x) and a single faced ELP A827 and the SPRINTER ELP control SW.
  • We are realizing an information system for DP Litvinov and Most. This order consists of equipment for 47 trams (on-board computers EPIS 4.0B1) including 3 sets of information systems (both LED and LCD panels), 25 intelligent  stop signs, 1 large ELP 696-3AH panel (the largest we have produced so far) and a dispatching – SW SPRINTER. The radio technology was supplied by the RADOM ltd. company and the whole project is sponsored by AŽD Praha plc.
November 2015
  • From 24.11 to 26.11.2015 we were presenting our new products at Czechbus in Prague. The presented products included the TEXT-TO-SPEECH solution (a text to speech convertor) for stop panels, credit card payments on checking devices, new vehicle panels, a passenger counting system, a new type of dispatching and others.
  • From 17.11 to 19.11.2015 we were presenting our system for checking using the Epis 5FC on-board computer at CARTES“ in Paris. Our presentation was located at the stand of MONET+. Our main goal was to present a modern checking system for public transportation vehicles that supports payments by card. We connected this system to the clearing of our partner company MONET+.
  • We are releasing a new generation of outer vehicle LED panels VLP with half power consumption and wider obbseervation angles. These panels use a new type of LED diodes. They are going to be presented for the first time at CZECHBUS in Prague.
  •  We prepared a new LTE modem in an industrial rendering that can be integrate into our units – EPG 4.0MSP 5.0EPIS 5FC, UCU 4.0 and also into stop panels and vehicle LCDs. This modem reaches communication speeds of up to 20 Mbit/s from a network and it can send to a network at up to 10 Mbit/s.
October 2015
  • We managed to finish the “On-board system for public transportation” project in time – 624 on-board computers (EPIS 4.0B), 139 vehicle occupancy rate monitors (UCP 01), 6 depot systems, 2 dispatchings (SPRINTER 2015), a new radio network (EPIS FDNET II) and others were installed.
  • We presented our transportation information system and public transportation vehicle equipment at Ukraine. There was a lot of interest from the media including a spot on commentary TV, on the news on the channel TVA and on internet news.
  • We took part in a study “Public transportation vehicle preference in the environment of the city of Žilina” for   ALAM, ltd. Preference was controlled by our serially produced  on-board computer EPIS 4.0B, a TAIT radio station and intersections were equipped with  RMU 10 communication units. Preference data was created in the EPCOMP program and in the new  SW CRUX  (solutions for intersection communication points). The presentation was successful and it significantly improved the passability of public transportation vehicles. This was corroborated by mentions on  Slovak national TV (time mark 39:18) and on the web pages of DPMŽŽilina and internet newspaper DNES.
  • As a part of the project “On-board system for public transportation” we switched a DP radio network to the new type FD NET II. generation (fully developed by our company). This radio network is 3x faster and can transfer 9x more data than the previous version. Although the switch of the technologies itself only took 12 hours the preparations took a few months.
  •  We supplied a stop information system to the city of Košice. The system included 16 panels for stop signs, i.e. ELP 123 (three lines) and ELP 126(six lines). They are controlled via an optic cable.
September 2015
  • A new type of modem is ready for production - EPG 4.0LS. It is a modem for GSM communication, it works on the LTE band with a guaranteed temperature range.
  • A new information system supervision server was powered on. We also prepared new types of vehicle LCDs (e.g.  VCS 185x) equipped with a      GSM/GPRS/UMTS modem, thus we created a seamless system usable also for advertisements including supervision of played spots and remote updates.
  • We prepared a new type of the low-cost MSP unit –version MSP 2.0 for “easy’ traffic surveillance. This unit provides vehicle surveillance or easy connection of units via a serial busbar.
August 2015
  • We supplied new stop panels for the new terminal Hulváky in Ostrava. The order consisted of one 15-line panel ELP 602 and two 6-line panels ELP 332 including their connection to the dispatching.
  •  An order of 26 pieces of ELP 203 LED stop panels for the Zlín region. The order included the  Sprinter 2015 application that supervises and controls all the stop panels in the region. Outside of the main project we also supplied stop panels for the new terminal in Uherský Brod (double-faced three-line ELP 403 and six-line ELP 420) and one ELP K819 LCD stop sign for Strání).
  • We are preparing to connect our  EPIS 4.0x on-board computer to our sensors for passenger counting – UCP-01. Drivers see pictures of the door area on an LCD terminal allowing them to see what is happening there. The APC system not only counts passengers but also increases safety.
July 2015
  • We started the construction of a service building so that we can put another 600 m2 of development space into operation and increase our development capacity.
  • We equipped our ELP panels with a module of a text-to-speech convertor. Only texts that can be read by the panels at a request can be sent to them now.
  • We successfully finished homologation of checking for Plzeň and Karlovy Vary cards – Desfire cards and on-board computers with checking EPIS 5FC.
  •  During the first half of 2015 our company achieved a turnover (production, technological solutions, SW and services) higher than 100 mil. Crowns not including VAT. We thank our customers for their trust in our company.
June 2015
  • We updated the last command receiver from EPNEV 3.06 to EPNEV 3.16 and started producing versions for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • We finished stage 4 of the project “On-board System for public transportation” for Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s. (Ostrava Transport, joint-stock co.). 510 on-board systems based on EPIS 4.0B have been installed so far. Simultaneously remote data loads to depots and a passenger counting system have been put into operation in 39 vehicles.
  • We started a delivery of 192 composite stop panels for the regions of Hradec Králové and Pardubice – type ELP 683. The panels are supplied in sets of three or six pieces and can be anchored to a wall or to an independent stand. They communicate with the dispatching to acquire up to date transportation information.
May 2015
  • We put 2 large two-colored panels into operation at the new terminal in Třebíč – type ELP 652.
  • Between 13.5 and 15.5.2015 we were presenting our products and technological solutions at “Elektrotrans”, an international exhibition in Moscow which allowed us to obtain new business contacts. There was an interest in our “Dynamic dispatching” solution and solutions for vehicles and stops.
  •  We commenced the production and development of new stop signs for the Zlín region. We prepared a new line of low-cost intelligent stop panels          – ELP 203  containing an independent clock. These panels can be used independently or as one main panel with a second panel functioning as a display unit. 26 panels will be supplied altogether.
April 2015
  • We prepared a new type of stop panel for waiting rooms at transportation terminals. These panels are based on LCD monitors with connected control units – see inner stop LCD panels.
  • On 21.4 and 22.4.2015 we were presenting our products and technological solutions at the third international conference “Smart and healthy public transportation” in Plzeň. This conference was held by PMDP a.s.. This was our third time presenting at this conference. We shared a stand with GES Plc. (in 2008-2010 we jointly realized the “Dynamic dispatching” project for PMDP plc.) – presented products – see . the title page.
  • We introduced a new line of Ethernet busbar switches ECU-05L and ECU-08L (Ethernet switch) – economical version. Another type of this unit is an Ethernet busbar switch with managed stating and supervision of the PoE power supply – type ECU-08PO. This type of switch is suitable for APC unit power supply (vehicle occupancy system – passenger counting).
February – March 2015
  •  We added to our vehicle LCD portfolio and developed a MASTER – SLAVE system for high resolution (full HD), i.e. a vehicle has only one superordinate LCD and the other LCDs use its video signal. The advantage of this is the fact that all LCDs in a vehicle have the same picture. The system can also observe the state of the subordinate LCDs.
  • We concentrated mainly on completing a public contract “On-board system for public transportation” and in cooperation with Master IT we performed 17 trial installations in all types of vehicles of DPO plc. and installed the system into all the trolleybuses (74 vehicles altogether). We managed to finish stage 2 of the contract and a trial run of the whole supplied system started. The contract also included new depot and dispatching solutions including a large screen, SW SPRINTER, an EPIS FDNET radio network modification, a modification of vehicle simulators at training center, etc.
January 2015
  • We introduce a new type of high quality vehicle LCD – VCS190AE-WFI with an increased temperature range, prolonged lifespan and wide observation angles. The SW of the LCD meets the demands placed on the function of a dynamic sign in a vehicle.
  • We started the homologation of the final solution of the automatic passenger counting system (APC) and we are performing practical tests of the system. We are finishing the development of the HW of the innovated  controllable Ethernet switch ECU 08PO that makes it possible for this system to be controlled and managed in cooperation with an on-board computer.
  •  We finished the first stage of the “On-board system for public transportation” project. The goal of this project is to supply Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s. (Ostrava Transport, joint-stock co) with more than 640 on-board systems  EPIS 4.0B  including terminals EPT 4.08B, a new dispatching and new depot equipment.
February 2014
  •  We are preparing the production of innovated command receivers for people with impaired vision – embedded types EPNEV 1.13 replacing EPNEV 1.12 (designed for electronic information stop panels and e.g. EPIS 2.45 units) and  EPNEV 2.12 replacing EPNEV 2.02. The replacements are mechanically, electrically and price-wise compatible.
  • We have terminated the production of MSP 1.1 and MSP 3D or MSP 3D2 because it is no longer possible to get some of the components. We are preparing a new much more efficient position surveillance module - MSP 5.0 based on the conception of the   EPIS 5 FCC computer with checking. This unit is going to be designed as “a small on-board computer” and it is going to comply with the IDS JMK or IDP standards. Available from June/July 2014.
January 2014
  • We have won a contract for 58 digital stop signs including a server for data processing for DPMB plc.. We are starting the realization of this contract together with the AŽD. The panels are characterized by the LED distance of 4,2 mm, a camera system, temperature measuring, a command receiver for people with impaired vision, etc. More information will be added to this descritpion.
  • Our company In cooperation with Cross Zlín plc. have started the project „Bezbariérové úpravy zastávek MHD a dopravní telematika pro preferenci MHD v Jihlavě – II. etapa“ (Wheelchair accessible modifications of public transportation stops and transportation telematics for public transportation preference in Jihlava – stage II.). The project consists of supplying  EPIS 4.0x on-board computers, it also includes a new solution of the  radio EPIS FD-NET  allowing  preference of public transportation  using the  RMU 10 unit and the dispatching  system  SPRINTER.
  • We are preparing a homologation of the  EPIS 5FCC on-board computer with checking for work with the ”Plzen card“. The EPIS 5FCC unit will therefore be prepared for passenger check-in in the integrated transportation system of the Plzen region together with vehicle  outer LED panels with 24 LED lines (the VLP 24 series), inner LCD panel for passengers (VCS 185) and the  EPNEV 3.14l command receiver for people with impaired vision and all this complying with the IDP standards.
December 2013
  • We have won a small contract „Elektronické informační tablo pro zastávku Mníšek pod Brdy, náměstí – směr Praha“ (Electronic information tableau for the Mníšek pod Brdy, town square stop – direction Prague) for ROPID. This will be our first installation for ROPID.
  • We have developed a new  system of communication between the dispatching technology and radio bases communicating via the IP technology. This system includes new control units for radio bases, a voice and radio dispatching switchboard and new communication protocols for transferring and controlling digital voice.
  • We are going to build an  IDS dispatching for KORDIS JMK. Our program product – SPRINTER IDS forms the base of this dispatching. This program will ensure public transportation vehicles surveillance in IDS and communication with the vehicles, it will also create transportation statistics and there are many other improvements.
November  2013
  • We presented the new   EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with checking and a new vehicle installation based only on the vehicle ethernet distribution system (LED panelsinner LCD for passengers including the EPNEV 3.18 command receiver) at the meeting of Sdružení dopravních podniků ČR a SR  (Association of public transportation companies of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic) in Košice on 7.11.2013 and at the Czech Bus 2013 exhibition.
  •  We have started the development of a new type of the EPNEV 3.17 command receiver designed for signaling the red/green  for people with impaired vision at pedestrian crossings. It will be available from December 2013 for 7900 Kč.
  •  We are participating in the construction of a regional dispatching of the integrated transportation system of the Plzen region. The base of this dispatching will be formed by our  program product – SPRINTER IDS that will provide public vehicle surveillance in IDS, communication with the vehicles and it will also create transportation statistics. In connection with this, we are preparing the unification of rules of communication between the dispatching and the vehicles e.g. direct sending of messages from the dispatching to LED or LCD panels and other features.
October 2013
  • We have completed the development of the HW of the  EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with checking and started producing prototypes of the zero line. Even though this system is based on technologies from 2012/2013 we encountered a number unexpected problems (from faults of HW parts to incorrect descriptions and missing drivers) which caused a research delay of 4-5 months.
  •  Our company together with Cross Zlín plc. made the most favorable offer in the competitive tendering  „Bezbariérové úpravy zastávek MHD a dopravní telematika pro preferenci MHD v Jihlavě – II. etapa“(Wheelchair accessible modifications of public transportation stops and transportation telematics for public transportation preference in Jihlava – stage II.). We offered our  EPIS 4.0x on-board computer, a new solution of the radio EPIS FD-NET enabling preference of public transportation vehicles and the  SPRINTER system.
September 2013
  • We have launched a new well arranged modern company web site. Our goal is to increase orderliness, unite the look and provide on-line communication.
  •  We tested a new technical solution for command receivers for people with impaired vision. This solution includes double mixing and heightened reception selectivity. These receivers – the new  EPNEV 3.1x line – should gradually replace the original 3.0x series. Serial production should start from November 2013. The price, requested functions and the outer proportions will be preserved.
  • We are the first in the Czech Republic to prepare a new type of the  EPNEV 3.18 command receiver designed for communication via an ethernet busbar. It will be available from November/December 2013.
August 2013
  • We are the first in the Czech Republic to introduce outer vehicle LED panels VLP with dynamic fonts. The panels themselves optimize displaying of stop names according to definitions from the CIS (central information system)- see the attached video.
  • We made the best offer for the „Poskytování dopravních informací cestujícím – nákup elektronických panelů“ (Supplying transportation information to the passengers – purchasing electronic panels)  public contract for the regional Coordinator of ODIS ltd. in Ostrava. The contract consists of buying and installing 21 large LED panels (the largest panel contains 90 624 LED diodes in a 288×320 rastr), 1x LCD panel and a control panel dispatching. Our offer was about 13% lower than the closest rival offer. Our large investments in the development of new technologies are paying off and this is also a confirmation of our prominent place among the producers of this range of products.
  • We published an article Three SIM cards for data transfers in one vehicle, complex information systems in public transportation dealing with the solution of vehicle communication inside IDS systems in the magazine Československý Dopravák
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
  • We started the realization of an audio/video system for  “beer tram or šalina pub“ for DPMB plc. with a new way of controlling passenger LCDs using a “media player” integrated in the  EPIS 4.0A on -board computer. The displayed data is assembled in the on-board computer and sent to passenger LCDs.
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
  • Our company together with the FEKT VUT Brno commenced testing of a new system of passenger counting in public transportation vehicles.
  • We have started supplying the new  VCS 185W vehicle low input power wide-angle LCD passenger panel – it contains a wide-angle 18,5″ LCD monitor with 24V/0.9A consumption, i.e. up to 22W with a possibility of remote data transfers using ethernet or local data transfers using USB Flash.
January 2013