LCD stop panels – exterior

LCD stop panels – exterior

External stop LCDs are available in sizes from 12″ (located as part of kiosks) to 65″ and in a variety of mechanical designs from single LCDs to triple LCDs complete with a separate clock. The LCDs housed in them are highly luminous with a lifetime of at least 50k hours. On request, they are equipped with “antiglare” glass, which prevents unwanted glare from ambient light and thus significantly increases readability. The mechanical design ensures resistance to humidity and overheating, especially from sunlight.

Features of external LCD bus stop information panels

For exterior LCD panels, we use LCD displays that include a sunlight input filter and have a higher luminance. Generally, the LCD panels supplied have different types of resolution and luminance from 500 Cd/m2 upwards depending on the location. Their lifetime is at least 50 thousand hours. As far as the temperature range is concerned, it is usually from -20°C – +50°C (depending on the size of the panel for sizes up to 32″) or from 0°C – +50°C (for sizes above 32″) for LCD displays. Therefore, they must include thermal regulation, especially ventilation in case the panel is exposed to direct sunlight. From a power consumption point of view, it is important to note that LCD panels need to be permanently backlit over the entire display area, regardless of the content being displayed. Consequently, the consumption of the panel is permanent and always much higher than that of an LED panel.

We produce external LCD information panels in several designs, usually to order. The following are examples of several external stop information LCD panels supplied as an information system for the transport terminal at Svinovské mosty in Ostrava and not only there. We try to carry out the mechanical construction using welded aluminium structures due to the lower weight or standard stainless steel – now in SLIM version.

The panels are produced in the following possible designs:
  • simple LCD panels (contains one LCD) – standard or wide-angle
  • double LCD panels (contains two LCDs)
  • triple LCD panels (containing three LCDs)
  • LCD panels with external time display (includes clock system)
  • external LCD panels with or without touch screen (information stop kiosks – i-point)

External widescreen 29″ single-sided LCD panels – VCS 290AWE-ONC/1000

VCS 290AE-ONC s reklamními texty

VCS 290AWE-ONC/1000 with advertising texts for Innotrans 2022 – part 1 – with departures in the vicinity.

The new types of external widescreen LCD panels (ELP) are designed to provide visual and audio information to passengers in areas where they are shielded against direct external sunlight (this achieves better legibility – shade does not matter). The panels allow for custom-defined layout of information fields (line, connection, destination station, regular departure, delay, platform, auxiliary images, etc.). LCD panels use TFT displays with high luminance (more than 1000 Cd/m2) and a lifetime of at least 50 thousand hours. LCD panel is powered from 230 VAC mains – panel consumption up to 70W – type. 55W.


VCS 290AWE-ONC/1000 with advertising texts for Innostran 2022 – part 2 showing the route of the line that will arrive.

On the front surface of the panel, outside the active display area, there is a place for sticking foils with static illuminated images and texts (the name of the stop and the carrier’s emblem) characterizing the arrangement of the fields on the graphic area. The basic texts with the stop name and field descriptions are included in the internal gluing. A new feature is the possibility of displaying the route of the line that arrives first or they can alternate. The panel can include an internal camera to monitor what is happening at the stop. It has a blind EPNEV command receiver with increased durability and a powerful PC.

Panel parameters
LCD screen diagonal 29,0″ – aspect ratio 16:4,34
Active LCD display area 698 x 196 mm
Native screen resolution 1920 x 540 px
Maximum brightness (by type) 1000 Cd/m2
Contrast 4500 : 1
Response time 8,5 ms
Viewing angle 178(H) / 178(V)
Display backlight type LED
Number of displayable colours 16,7 M (8 bit/collor)
Receiving commands from blind people ANO – EPNEV
Acoustic amplifier and speaker min. 15W
HW methods of image decoding:
  • MPEG 2
  • MPEG-4 ASP (DivX), MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
  • H.263 (MPEG-4 short-video header variant)
  • Windows Media Video 9
Control Unit Processor CSU COMEX – E3815 single core 1.46GHz
Computer memory SSD – 32 GB, 2GB RAM
Connectivity Ethernet 100 Mbit/s, or 1 Gbit/s, optics, WiFi, LTE
ELP 290AWE unit weight 15 kg
Power supply 230V
Power consumption (max) 70 W (LCD + PC) – avg. 55W
Dimensions 880 x 340 x 100 mm
Panel Coverage IP44, antivandal
LCD Panel Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
LCD panel storage temperature -30°C to +60°C