ELP 35x series

Graphic Information LED – ELP 35x series

Graphic Information LED panels double sided – ELP Series 350

Pic. no. 1: Visualization ELP 350

Basic parameters of LED stop panels – the ELP 350 series
Mechanical rendering Reclinable front area (bonnet)
LED color red, yellow, orange, green, white – luminous intensity 1000 mCd / LED
Total panel luminous intensity 16 000 Cd / m² (all LED diodes are emitting light at the same time)
Observation angle Up to 170° (flat LED)
Illumination sensor ( LED brightness regulation) YES (up to 256 steps)
Panel diagnostics possibilities light/tremors/ LED power supply/source functionality
Script Roman script, Cyrillic, others depending on an agreement (double, bold, italics)
On-line displaying of dispatching information YES
Integrated speaker 2 × horn loudspeaker 15W
Built-in digital annunciator unit YES – MP3 files or TTS (Text to Speech)
Measurements (w × h × d) 1300 × 540 × 390 mm
Active display surface (w × h) 1200 × 300 mm
Resolution 6 mm raster – 48 × 192 points (active surface for departures and the dispatching line).
Data communication Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Tetra or GSM/GPRS Modem or UMTS on demand
Power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz from backed up distribution 230 VAC
Casing IP 54 (depends on the way of installation of additional devices)
Total power input maximum – 800 W, average – 120 W
Weight about 84 kg
Panel rendering Anti-vandal (glass or polycarbonate depending on an agreement)
Surrounding working temperature from -30°C to +50°C
Relative humidity 10 % to 95 % at 40°C, non-condensation