Text electronic LED panels

Text electronic LED panels

(Electronic information panels just for text)

Text LED panels are targeted for displaying text only. It can display letters, number and other characters, but no graphics which does not fit into one line. We offer several sizes of the panels.

Panels with small number of lines are suitable for departure time showing on the platform, from which the vehicle should leave, i. e. each platform can be equipped by one display, which shows departures from that platform. This concept simplifies passenger’s orientation on the station or whole terminal.

Panels with higher number of lines and high number of characters on a line should be located at the entrance of the terminal or the station. Can help people find the right platform for their connection. It also shows time of departure or delay.

Communication and control unit provides:

  • Ethernet connection over optical fibres to dispatching office. Communication interface can be adjusted to local situation. (RS485).
  • Interface for the receiver for the sightless people
  • Cooling fan control for extended lifetime
  • LED voltage control ability for low power consumption and independent illumination control on both sides of the panel.

The panel is commanded by SW based on requests from the central server.

The panels comply to the norm EN 60721 – 3 – 5 for rain resistance (6 mm/min) and sunshine intensity (1200 W/m2 for 8 hours).

There are textual signs to give meaning to displayed information on the border of the panel.

Electronic panels for platforms

Are intended to be placed on a platform, therefore it does not have to show the platform number. Their color is based on the customer’s wish (both case and LED color)

Basic parameters of panels ELP 401:

  • Dimensions of 2 line panel: 130 x 33 x 23 (l x h x d) [cm].
  • Double-sided display area with 20×120 point of high illumination LED diodes (spacing 8 mm).
  • Front side including LEDs can be fold up. It is holded on pistons.
  • Each side has independent brightness control by its own light sensor.
  • Maximal power consumption 220VA.
  • Actual power consumption when full sunshine is about 40W.
  • Night power consumption – less than 12W (without LED light less than 8W).

Overview text information panels

Unlike small platform displays these bigger alternatives can display supplementary information as platform number, departure time, current time. Digital announcer, amplifier 15W/4Ohm and receiver for sightless people is integrated as well. Everything is moisture resistant.

Basic parameters of big panels ELP 411 (single-sided) a ELP 421 (dual-sided):

  • Dimensions of single-sided LED panel – 8 lines: 230 x 130 x 16 (l x h x d) [cm].
  • Dimensions of double-sided LED panel – 8 lines: 230 x 130 x 23 (l x h x d) [cm].
  • Active area 80×280 points with high brightness LED diodes (spacing 8 mm).
  • The front panel can be fold up and holds on pistons.
  • Each side illumination is independently controlled by a sensor.
  • Maximal single-sided LED panel power consumption: 850VA – red, yellow; 1060VA – white.
  • Maximal double-sided LED panel power consumption 1700VA – red, yellow, 2100VA – white
  • Actual power consumption in direct sun – single-sided 250W; double-sided 500W.
  • Night power consumption – less than 50W

Big text panel contains 23 200 LED on one side. Double sided thus contains 46 400 LED.

Big textual LED panel 80 x 280 - type ELP 411RE.

Big textual LED panel 80 x 280 - type ELP 411RE.