Training and Courses

Invest in the development of specialized knowledge of your employees. Since knowledge and experience are the basis of successful work and efficiency, the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. company offers organization of specialized seminars and education modules concentrating on information systems in transportation. All our courses are custom prepared to fit specific requirements of our clients.

Specialized education in the scope of completing projects is a matter of course.

Transportation information systems, vehicle equipment and checking education module

Transportation information systems, vehicle equipment and checking education module

Possible education fields

The contents and the depth of an education module are agreed on with the customer and adapted to their requirements. The possible topics can include:

Public transportation vehicle equipment

  • Vehicle control units such as on-board computers, checking systems, position surveillance modules
  • Display and acoustic systems, inner and outer LED and LCD displays, acoustic vehicle solutions
  • Vehicle distribution system, system power supply
  • Communication units in vehicles, radio modems for communication outside vehicles
  • Sensory systems, using systems for passenger counting
  • Command receivers

Information systems and systems for transportation control

  • Dispatching systems for municipal public transportation, regional public transportation and regional organizers of public transportation
  • BackOffice for checking systems
  • BackOffice for dispatching to create unified data in the whole system
  • Depot solutions and ways of communicating in vehicles
  • Terminals and stops
  • support applications

The education conception

  • Educations modules are held on the premises of the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. company , Brněnská 993, 664 42 Modřice or on customer premises
  • Educations modules are custom prepared – courses directed at required qualification improvements
  • Complex education modules concentrating on a required topic
  • Practical training
  • Education materials in electronic form

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