Board computer EPIS 4.0

Board computer EPIS 4.0

It is produced but not recommended for new applications is being replaced by onboard computer EPIS 4.0A.

With these board computers we can offer a new perspective of information systems in vehicles:

  • One small and embedded computer to replace several once independent devices.
  •  Split concept: control unit is hidden in the box, LCD terminal serves to control the system and antenna system is also separated. Of these devices only the display is located n the board, the rest can be hidden almost anywhere in the vehicle. This concept facilitates much easier interconnection and placement of the components. The terminal is connected to the PC only by one HDMI cable.
  • Instead of slow vehicle buses we utilize fact computer Ethernet bus, or optionally our new TPoE interface, which even enables on-demand turning-on or off of the target device.
  • All route information including schedule and departure time is lucidly displayed at once on the display. The driver can also view image from the cameras located in the vehicle.
  • The voice and data communication commands are integrated.
  • Universal use – trams, bidirectional trams, buses, trolley-buses, trains…

Board computer EPIS 4

How do our new board computers work? The skim is illustrated on the figure below (this shows our new EPIS 4.0B, which is currently being developed).