Passenger check-in components

Passenger check-in components

As it is not possible in many cases to differentiate the use of components by type of transport, the individual products are listed here.

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Obr. č. 1: Jednotka odbavení EPP 5.0

EPP – 5.0 – Check-in unit for connection to on-board computer

It is a small passenger check-in unit connected to the EPIS 4.0 or EPIS 5.0 on-board computer via USB. The unit can have different check-in equipment – bank, non-bank or combined contactless card reader, passenger display, printer or QR code reader.

Obr. č.5: Validátor EVK 5.0 BP (s tiskárnou).

EVK 5.0 – Validator with printer

It is a standard validator with ticket printing and the possibility of payment with proprietary or bank cards. The size of the touch screen display is 5.7″.  It has a separate connection via the vehicle Ethernet bus.

Nový validátor EVK 5.1

EVK 5.1 – Validator without printer

It is a new type of validator equipped with a large, clear 7.0″ touch screen, a proprietary contactless card reader and a QR code reader. Its software is designed to work independently or in conjunction with the driver’s on-board computer. It has a separate connection via the vehicle Ethernet bus.

Obr. č.3: Reklamní foto označovače s tentokrát červeným zobrazením na displeji.

 Ticket marker ETM 4.0

It is produced in 2 variants – one for use in Prague public transport (control via Ethernet bus) or has standard control known in the Czech Republic using the IBIS bus with the ability to block passenger check-in by radio instruction from the inspector (e.g. for use in IDS JMK).