Managed Ethernet switch with PoE and IBIS

 Managed Ethernet switch with PoE – ECU 08PO

Intelligent 8-port communication unit ECU 8PO is a new unit based on ECU 08L containing a control processor. This unit further improves its features, mainly in the field of supplying connected devices with power and at the same time monitoring their state.

  • Improved input resistance against outer damage
  • Improved resistance against power supply interferences
  • Input current 24V / 6A for PoE outputs
  • Ethernet ports – 7x PoE (24V/1A) with remote indication of their state – see the below picture,
  • Each PoE port is equipped with an output fuse protecting against overcurrent,
  • Ethernet port – 1x TPoE (for switching on remotely from the on-board computer)
  • Port layout – see the picture
  • 1x PoE with possible +12V/24V/1A power supply – suitable for WiFi
  • Special communication protocol for on-board computers with the following functions: switching individual PoE branches on and off remotely including monitoring of potential overloads
  • The number of active PoE ports is a configurable vehicle part feature and it enters the system automatically as a part of vehicle configuration
  • LED diodes as indicators of the state of the switch
  • Control via a high performance processor with a timer and a backup battery for waking up vehicle systems on demand
  • 1x one-bit input, 1x one-bit output
  • Configuration of HW can be done via DIP switches

The switch is designed in such a way that it is possible to equip it with a module for GPS (the unit can function as a vehicle GPS server) and for communication via GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE or short reach communication.

Features of the ECU-08PO unit itself
Casing material Tin box
Number of Ethernet ports 8 (8-port Ethernet switch)
Buffer 128 Kbyte
Supported protocols IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, IEEE 802.3 100BaseTX
Number of AMC records 1000 records
Operation temperature -30°C – 70°C
Measurements (H x W x D) 164 x 51,7 x 125 mm
Weight 650 g
Power supply voltage +24V DC
Maximum power consumption – its own 5 W
Maximum consumption with a PoE output – permanent 17 W – output current up to 700 mA / 1 output at full PoE load
Maximum consumption with PoE 100 W – input current up to 6,3 A output at full PoE load
Safety 6,3 A – type T
Throughput 2Gbps
1-bit inputs and outputs 1x one-bit input 24V, 1x one-bit output 12/24V