Unmanaged ethernet switch ECU-08LMT

Unmanaged ethernet switch ECU-08LM.xT-05

ECU 08LM.7T – switch with PoE 7x at.

ECU 08LM.7T – switch with PoE 7x at.

A small ethernet busbar unit with 8 ports – economical version with extra 7x PoE output using negotiation as per the IEEE 802.3 at standard. These PoE outputs are primarily designed to power cameras in vehicles with output power supply -48V where the camera stream is stored on an external device in the vehicle – EPIS 4.0x, EPIS 5.0x or on a tachograph or elsewhere. The -48V voltage was chosen to ensure save connection of other devices – e.g. notebooks.

This ECU switch has mechanical measurements given by using M12 connectors. Its basic technical parameters are:

Parameter specification of the ECU-08LM.7T-H05 unit
Casing material Sheet metal box
Installation H – horizontal installation (standard version)
Number of ethernet ports 8 (8 port ethernet switch)
Connector type M12 – coding type D
Buffer 128 Kbytes
Supported protocols IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, IEEE 802.3 100BaseTX
Number of MAC entries 1000 entries
Operation temperature -30°C – 70°C
Measurements (H x W x D) 227 x 523 x 105 mm (including

anchor WAGO sides)

Weight 560 g
Power supply voltage
  • +16V up to +32V DC (as per ČSN EN 50155)
  • input fuse 5 A
  • transil against voltage spikes
  • symmetric choke against interference
Maximum consumption
  • 3 W (without connected cables) – idle consumption
  • switch consumption at full load 60W (up to 200W if requested)
PoE power supply output
  • -48V / max. 50W (short term up to 75W)
  • 30 W / 1 output, anticipated continuous output 7W
  • protection against output short circuit
PoE type As per IEEE 802.11 at (with negotiation)
Signal LED
  • for ETH communication – LINK and ACT for each channel
  • power supply signalization
  • switch RESET (button)
Permeability 2Gbps
Pic. no.2: Basic view of the ECU 08lM.7T switch – 50W version

Pic. no.2: Basic view of the ECU 08lM.7T switch – 50W version