On-board computers EPIS 5.x

On-board computers EPIS 5.X

Ukázka palubních počítačů EPIS 5.0A a EPIS 5.0B.

Example of EPIS 5.0A (left) and EPIS 5.0B (right) on-board computers.

The EPIS 5.0X series on-board computers are single board quad core PCs with components and communication interfaces required for operation in public transport vehicles and not only there (they have the same “motherboard” base). They include LTE modem, WiFi modem, GNSS (GPS) unit, Ethernet, USB, RS 485/CAN, etc. They can be in standard form (standalone unit) or “dockable” (can be carried and brought) and with an internal or external power management unit in the vehicle. Depending on the application, they differ from each other in some HW details, interfaces used, types of connection connectors or acoustic signal processing.

EPIS 5.X is a split computer variant, i.e. it consists of an EPC control unit to which different types of LCD terminals can be connected – from EPT 4.08C, EPT 4.10 or EPT x.12 or external control panels (e.g. OV-01). They can thus contain both interfaces for a compact system composition (EPIS 5.0Ax) and for a split variant where the LCD terminal and the on-board computer are separated by 10 m.

Two types of EPIS 5.0X on-board computers are produced:

Obr. č. 4: Praktické uspořádání jednotky

Compact version of EPIS 5.0Ax for public transport.

Currently, the following basic types of EPC 5.X single-board controllers are produced:

  • for public line transportEPIS 5.0Ax, where in the result the whole assembly forms a compact unit EPC 5.0Ax, ticket printer EPP 5.0, touch terminal EPT 5.10, unit EPI 5.0 (replacement of vehicle power control – IJN boards).
  • for public line transportEPIS 5.0Bx (new type), where in the result the whole assembly forms a compact unit EPC 5.0Bx, ticket printer EPP 5.0, touch terminal EPT 5.10, unit EPI 5.0 (replacement of vehicle power control – IJN boards).
  • for split camera systemsEPIS 5.0KS, when it is an assembly (it does not form a compact unit – EPC 5.0KS, driver’s LCD terminal EPT 5.12, control unit OV-01 and switch or switch assembly ECU 08LM.7T).
  • Historical on-board computers – no longer manufactured and operated – EPIS 5.FCS and EPIS 4.FCS.
Obr. č.2: Palubní počítač EPIS 5.0KS

A split version of the EPIS 5.0KS on-board computer with an independent camera system.

Common features of EPIS 5.0x on-board units:

  • Control processor – INTEL E3845 series quad-core with a 40-second rise time (64 bit architecture)
  • Processor speed – standard 1.96 GHz
  • RAM – standard 2 GB, DDR 3
  • Hard memory – SSD drive – 32 GB (other size on request) – for the operating system and application and its data, logs, etc.
  • Wired connectivity – 2x Ethernet – 1x Gbit/s., 1x 100 Mbit./s., combined CAN/RS 485 bus, 2x USB 2.0 and USB 3.0,
  • Wireless connectivity – LTE modem (up to 100 Mbit/s), wifi module up to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac (up to 430 Mbit/s)
  • Single-bit inputs/outputs – minimum 4/4
  • GNSS – SIRF STAR IV technology or similar – accuracy approx. 2.5 m (GPS and GLONASS)
  • Internal battery for short-term power outages from the vehicle’s on-board power supply (5 minutes of operation)

EPIS 5.0X control options:

The EPIS 5.0X on-board computers can be controlled by:

  • LCD touch screens on the driver’s terminal (standard solution if the terminal is within reach of the driver), e.g. EPT 4.08C or EPT x.10x
  • external keyboard connected to the EPC via RS 485 interface, which can be in two versions:
    • membrane keypad is directly located on the driver’s LCD touchscreen terminal, e.g. EPT 4.08C or EPT x.10x, and simplifies system operation.
    • capacitive keypad located within easy reach of the driver, independent of the location of the control unit – OV-01
  • standard or simplified computer keyboard (not suitable for vehicles) connected via USB interface
  • unattended solution – only by pressing buttons on the EPC 5.A control unit (very limited control)