Position monitoring unit – MSP

Position monitoring unit – MSP

The unit MSP 1.1 or its another edition MSP 3D are intended vehicle communication with central dispatching of regional transport company over the GPRS connection or for voice over GSM. The system requires a SIM card with GPRS connection.

At the moment we produce two basic versions:

  • - MSP 1.1. - the basic module
  • - MSP 3D – the basic module extended by single-channel announcer of the stops
  • - MSP 3D2 – the basic module extended by two-channel announcer of the stops

 Principle of module connection in the vehicle:

The hardware consists of:

  • a fast GPS module working with the data-format NMEA 0183, possibly others.
  • a GSM/GPRS module with integrated phonic interface. The integrated amplifier has acoustic power 2 W.
  • powerful microprocessor with firmware update, either local with PC or remotely over GPRS
  • common antenna pro GPRS and GPS signal receiving with one connection cable.
  • four-line highlited alphanumeric display with Czech characters capability. This enables comfort reading of messages to vehicle and easier menu selection.
  • simple keyboard with16-keys, four context keys for easy unique code input by their successive pressing.
  • one-bit inputs and outputs (possibly analog): two outputs (persistent current to 400 mA or 2,5A) and four inputs with galvanic separation by optrons
  • voice signalization of received message
  • power supply voltage from +12V to 36V

Dimensions of the MSP 1.1 unit.

Optional expansion

Optional expansion depends on requirements of the transporter and enables following properties:

  • IBIS, RS 485, RS 422 and USB interface connection – maximally two at once (for example IBIS and RS 485). It can behave as an slave or master.
  • Voice communication module. With that it can work as a typical GSM phone with acoustic output. Electret microphone.
  • Memory extension by additional 16 MB memory for storage of the data collected during operation or for night data update. It can also behave as a flashdisk. Thus it enables data collection and transfer for the fuel consumption, tachograph and forwarding information to other vehicle devices. It can handle the function of a “black-box”.
  • Receiver for the sightless people – EPNEV series.
  • Automatic remote programming of the vehicle information displays.
  • Induction modem for short-distance localization (opening the gate, garage, identification at petrol station).
  • Middle-range communication module in band 900 MHz or 2,4 GHz.
  • The one-bit I/O can be software controlled and used in cooperation with 10bit A/D converters for control and measurement, and data can subsequently sent to dispatcher
  • Battery state measurement.

MSP meets the norms:

power supply meets the norm ČSN EN 50155 about unexpected phenomenon in power supply at vehicles

  • correct work in the temperature range from -25°C to +60 °C.
  • long-term freezing up to -25 °C cause neither unrecoverable changes in HW, nor corruption of data
  • electrical disturbance in the vehicle – meets the norm ČSN EN 50121.

The work position of the unit is arbitrary. It is closed in a metal box and can be installed into the driver’s or engine-driver’s cab.