SOFTWARE data analysis – ADA

ADA – is a program designed for evaluating PT vehicle occupancy when  UCP-01 or UCP-02 units are used  or external APC when using a external converter (importer of census results data from other APC manufacturers). It is a single-user program and it is to be used mainly in municipal public transportation.

SW ADA (shortcut of Apc Data Analysis – hereinafter just ADA) needs to have access to data from schedules and data generated by the  EPIS 4.0B  EPIS 4.0C or EPIS 5.0A on-board computer (acts as a superordinate system of UCP-01  or UCP-02 units and gathers data) to be functional. ADA can generate statistics from transport lines and stops. Individual statistics can be displayed as graphs or tables. All the generated statistics can be exported in the XLS format for further processing.

The program can also display chosen drives, lines and stops on a map background (see Pic. no. 4) while the user can modify the displayed information including changing the map background and zooming.


Example of export to Excel:

Obr. č. 5: Výstup počítání cestujících do excelu