Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France

Successful completion of V2X Plugtest in France

Our company participated from 4. to 7. November 2019 at ETSI 7th CMS Plugtest in Nice, France. In general, ETSI (European Telecomunication Standardization Institute) Plugtests serve telecommunication device vendors to test and debug their implementations. This Plugtest was devoted to testing security in V2X communication and took place directly at the ETSI premises.

Entrance to ETSI building at NICE, where testing took place

In the secured communication the devices should be able to sign the V2X messages that they transmit and the receiving devices should be able to verify the signature and also check, if the sender is trustworthy. To manage the trustchain, a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is implemented. In order to communicate, the device has to register within the PKI and then request a certificate that it is trustworthy. As a result, during the plugtest two types of test were done: a device-to-device communication and a device-to-PKI communication. In the device-to-device communication it was tested that the devices can exchange their certificates and then mutually verify the messages. In the device-to-PKI communication, the device should correctly register and then obtain the authorization ticket, which is then used to sign the messages. Two kinds of vendors participated at the Plugtest – V2X device vendors and PKI vendors.

Demonstration of a room where our UCU 5.0 was tested against a company unit from the Netherlands.

The test was done in a way that always two implementations had to communicate – a peer-to-peer test. That is, the two implementations were connected and the test proceeded step by step based on the given use-cases (the use cases were prepared by ETSI). The evaluation of the test was done by participants themselves – no official assessment was done. As a result, the Plugtest is no official certification, but rather a unique opportunity for device and PKI vendors to test their implementation.

Confirmation of participation plugtestu.

The official results are not available yet, but based on our opinion the Plugtest proved the interoperability of our implementation both in device-to-device and in PKI communication.

By this we would like to thank not only to the organizers of this useful event, but also to all other participants, who allowed us to debug our implementation.

Location of ETSI building in Nice.

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