Introduction – history 2018-2020

BOS is starting – New Generation BackOffice System

BOS – backOffice System.

BOS (BackOffice System) is a multi-user strictly modular server application for preparing and processing data not only form checking. It is also designed to manage vehicles, V2X units and WiFi, it makes up the basis of a data cube etc. It is built on the client – server principle for Windows and it follows our I. and II. generation of single-user backoffice. It is based on our new core of server applications COMPASS. BackOffice BOS – now mainly directed at checking and vehicle management – contains these basic modules

  • user and user right management
  • individual carrier management
  • vehicle and vehicle equipment management
  • checking management (tariffs, ticket creation, price lists, deductions, transactions and their export)
  • schedule management (editing, import export)
  • and others ….

A more detailed description is being prepared.

International trade fair BusWorld in Brussels

BusWorld – Brussels 18.-23.10.2019

At the international trade fair BusWold in Brussels 2019 we introduced:

  • Novelty!EPIS 5A FCS – on-board computer for checking in regional (line) public transportation, includes a 10,2″ control LCD with new black control design – so called „darkmode“.
New on-board computer with checking – EPIS 5A

EPIS 5A on-board computer set.

The new type of line 5 on-board computers with checking – EPIS 5A is manufactured in a number of versions. There is a single-board version with an integrated PC computer (up to 4 cores, up to 4 GB RAM, SSD from 16 GB), an LTE modem and a Wifi module IEEE 802.11 ca. The computer is “dockable” and has an auxiliary accumulator. It is equipped with a full acoustic set – digital switchboard and 3x amplifier (inside and outside the vehicle and for the driver – including an integrated speaker). The EPP 5.0 passenger checking unit can be connected to the on-board computer. The on-board computer can interface with the UN 30 intelligent external power supply unit that turns on vehicle information systems as needed. Modern interfaces are a standard – Ethernet 1 BG/s or USB 3. The on-board computer can simultaneously communicate with a dispatching server (SPRINTER) and a checking, data and computer maintenance server (CBO – a new backoffice product for processing transactions, it is designed for regional PT ).

It can be connected with the EPT 4.10 10,2″ wide screen high illumination display with 1200×800 point resolution, resistant touchscreen, integrated microphone and auxiliary illuminated keyboard.

Integration of functions of EPIS on-board computers is underway

Driver display when selectively calling a dispatcher using data LTE/UMTS communication.

A new and very important function of the EPIS on-board computer version EPIS 4.0C4 (a hybrid of the on-board computers used by DPMB plc., DPO plc. and PMDP plc.) is the ability to provide voice communication not only by using a radio network but also by using fast data networks GSM – LTE/UMTS. This new type provides communication outside the reach of radio networks by using “data tariffs” on SIM cards. Integrating the SIP protocol into the dispatching control system SPRINTER and into EPIS on-board computers together with using their sound cards provide selective calls, group calls and even group talks (multiple participants or on-board computers can communicate simultaneously). GSM communication can be integrated in the EPIS 4.0C5 on-board computer or an external modem EPG 4.0L or UCU 4,0x or UCU 5.0x unit can be used.

Exhibition UITP 2019 – Stockholm

Herman stand – UITP 2019.

At the international conference in Stockholm we present:

  • Novelty!EPIS 5A-FCS – on-board computer for checking in regional (line) public transportation, includes a 10,1″ control LCD.
  • Novelty! – Universal communication unit UCU 5.0
  • Validators and markers – contactless card validators with printers EVK 5.0 xx and new generation of markers ETM 4.0.
  • New type of course indicator VLP 08Y35
  • Vehicle LED information panels VLP with multiple luminosity tones as a part of monochromatic version or equipped with RGB modules.
  • And other products from our assortment …
Gold medal urbis 2019 for RIS II

The RIS II control information system that was realized as a part of the public contract “Control and information system for public transportation – RIS II” through the company of a supplier of Herman systems Ltd.. The system was entered into the competition for the golden medal of the trade fair „URBIS SMART CITY FAIR“ by its user and exhibitor Dopravní podnik města Brna, plc. It was a success – the system won Golden medals URBIS 2019. The representatives of the companies received recognition during a ceremonial evening attended by the Brno mayor Markéta Vaňková and the general manager of Veletrhy Brno jiří Kuliš.

We are glad that our technologies used in the RIS II project and this system itself received these medals as a whole. It is an important appreciation of our long term work in the field of public transportation.

More here on urbis 2019 trade fair pages.

Public transportation vehicle system for the next decade

Intersection preference solution using V2X

A new type of public transportation vehicle information system was implemented as a part of the RIS II project in DPMB plc.. This system has no equivalent in its scope and technical execution in the Czech Republic. (it was installed in 759 vehicles including 38 KT-8 trams, 49 T13 trams, 81 intersections, 5 depots and the dispatching). Its basic features are:

  • Combined communication with dispatching TETRA/LTE
  • New dispatching solution (SW SPRINTER – version RIS II) including video-wall
  • On-board computer EPIS 4.0C3 with 10x higher performance compared to the previous solution and with 1 GBit/s Ethernet including SSD with 30 second launch time
  • Vehicle occupancy monitoring with 98% precision – unit UCP 02
  • Communication with intersection controllers via the latest V2X technology while also supporting the original radio modem
  • Automatic switch throwing – system BSV
  • Public Wi-Fi for passengers (UCU 5.0)
  • LCD control by the EPISNET protocol
  • Front accident camera with recording
  • Electronic course indicator VLP 0835

A short description of the information system solution is being prepared.

PF 2019

We wish everybody nice Christmas holiday and a lot of success in 2019. This year was probably the most demanding in the history of our company. Not only did it bring the highest production and supply of about 4.5 million EUR but also many new technological solutions which are being introduced to you gradually. The solution of the key project “Control and information system for public transportation – RIS II’ for DPMB plc. employed more than 100 people at the time of installations. The difficulty of this project caused delays in SW supplies for which we would like to apologize to our customers. In the coming year, we are going to implement some changes in the company organization and we believe that the situation will improve.

New course indicator – VLP 0835

The new conception of the VLP 08×35 course indicator is able to display 6-digit line and course indications including displaying numbers. The spacing of the LED diodes of the course indicator is 6 mm and it is readable from the distance of about 25 m.

It is equipped with special brightness control based on surrounding light and resistant to reflections from outer glass. It can be connected by Ethernet interface with PoE, RS 485 or IBIS. The color is at a request (white, yellow, …) and there is a wide variety of anchor options.

Exhibition CZECHBUS 2018

Herman stand – CZECHBUS 2018.

At the specialized bus and public transportation trade fair Czechbus 2018 we introduced:

  • Novelty! – On-board computer EPIS 4.0C – a new generation of on-board computer based on a high performance multi-core processor with above standard functions.
  • Novelty!EPIS 5A-FCS – prototype of on-board computer for passenger checking in regional (line) public transportation including a control 10,1″ LCD.
  • Validators and markers – contactless card validators with printers; a new generation of ETM 4.0 markers.
  • Vehicle information LED panels VLP with multiple luminosity tones as a part of monochromatic version or equipped with RGB modules
  • And other products from our assortment …
New unit for counting passengers – UCP-02

unit for counting passengers UCP-02

We developed a new unit for counting passengers UCP-02. This unit meets the high demands on the accuracy of counting with the accuracy of more than 98%. This was achieved by providing the unit with computing performance 10x higher than that of the UCP-01 unit (no longer supported). This allows the unit to make a high number of photos for more precise scene comparison.

At the same time, a number of new mechanics for anchoring in municipal and regional PT vehicles were developed. The new unit is only powered by one UTP cable with type B PoE system using power from our Ethernet switches ECU 08Px.

The system is again tied to the evaluation program ADA and to on-board computers EPIS, or it can be used independently.

Communication units for Ethernet

We offer a line of 8-port Ethernet busbar switches which are based on non-controlled Ethernet switches and their outputs are controlled in various ways by the control processor:

  1. ECU P0 – PoE +24V, or 12V type B (e.g. for APC)
  2. ECU P1 – PoE +24V with output IBIS (converter ETH/IBIS)
  3. ECU P2 – has a converter to 48V and PoE type B
  4. ECU P3 – has converter as per IEEE802.11F (PoE for powering the front camera and ports +24V type B (powering the course indicator, etc.)

Other types were developed as well– ECU 05.2L and ECU 08.1F.

New assembly line for fitting SMT parts

We acquired a new complete assembly line for mounting SMT parts which provides functions from automatic application of solder paste, a new mounting machine to a new soldering machine with vapor phase soldering. With this new line we doubled our capacity of fiting printed circuitboards to more than 30 thousand part per hour. This was neccessary for us to be able to perform difficult production tasks. Unfortunatelly, we received the assembly line with a delay which has been causing supply issues. We also intorduced opticak inspection of production to uncover soldering and fiting errors.

International exhibition InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin

This was our fifth time participating in the international exhibition InnoTrans in Berlin held on 18.9. – 21.9.2018. Our stand introduced our new solutions and products in the field of transportation. Our presentation included mainly:

  • on-board computer EPIS 4.0C (4-core PC, 1 Gbit/s Ethernet, SSD disc, IJN, and others) with the upgraded EPT 4.08C terminal,
  • universal communication units UCU 5.0 xx
  • RSU unit V2X for PT preference control at intersections
  • new type of course indicator VLP 08Y35
  • a set of validators with printers for bank cards etc..
  • anew type of on-board computer with checking – EPIS 5A in its segmented version with a bank card reader and certification valid also after the year 2020
  • and other componenets…

Successfull particiation in international Intercor Testfest

Platoon of cars ready before the test ride (3rd vehicle is our car) – taken from the press release of Testfest.

During the last week, from April 23 to April 26, we successfully participated in the Intercor PKI Testfest, which took place in the city of Reims, France. The goal of the event was to test an internation interoperability of V2X services in terms of security. This was the first public and open security test in Europe. Teams from 11 states participated in this event and brought 22 On-Board Units (OBUs) and 12 Road-Side Units (RSUs). The participants were mainly the partners of the Intercor project, but other teams companies joined as well, in total 19 companies (including Renault and Peugeot).

The event was divided into 6 scenarios, which were tested one after another. Our team, as one of only three companies, succeeded in all of them. Each scenario tested a certian aspect of a secured V2X communication, mainly the way the certificates are exchanged and the conditions, under which the messages should be verified and under which they are valid

The test consisted in rinding a given 23 kilometer long circuit, which led through highways and also through city roads. There were 4 RSUs of the French road operator SANEF. These RSUs sent warning about non-standard situations using DENM messages (e.g., road-works warning, string wind, slow vehicle). The mesages were also sent from the SANEF vehicles (V2V), such as human on the road and stationary vehicle.

More about the event is written in the article “International tests of interoperability in V2X communication”

The new on-board computer EPIS 4.0C.

We finished the development of the EPIS 4.0C on-board computer that satisfies the new demands on this type of device. It is built on the 64 bit architecture, DDR3 memory, fast SSD discs, 1 Gbit/s Ethernet, USB 3, radio communication interface for analog, data or TETRA radio stations. The PC architecture ensures stable development of SW in the years to come. Its performance is 10x better than EPIS 4.0A or EPIS 4.0B and up to 100x better than the first type while being mechanically, connector-wise and SW-wise interchangeable with them. This shows us that the original conception of on-board computers was correct. To get more details about the demands on the new generation of on-board computers see the article here.

Transformation to Herman systems Ltd. and new premises

We started a transformation of the form of the company from a natural person to a legal person -Herman systems Ltd. Considering the place of the company on the market, this is a logical step that ensures future continuity of the company. However the process is going to be long and complex. During the long-lasting history of the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. company, commitments and liabilities have been established that cannot be changed in a day. This also applies to the law and tax aspects of the transformation.

We are also opening new primarily development premises of the company on the upper floor of the company building and in two extensions of the building. The overall space increase is about 1000 m2 and we invested more than 18 mil. Czech crowns in this reconstruction. We could not expand our company without this investment.

Realization of the transportation terminal in Bratislava

One of the platforms of the substitute bus terminal in Bratislava

We provided complete outer information LCD display equipment for the substitute bus terminal in Bratislava near the Mlýnské Nivy street. This included 34 pieces of 32″ outer LCDs ELP 832A that are placed at each platform and display current departures. It also included 12 pieces of 55″ LCDs – type ELP 855A used as overview displays when going through the platforms. Two of these panels are always connected opposite each other creating a double-sided LCD set. One 65″ LCD – type ELP 865A was also included. It is going to be used as an orientation display and it’ll be installed standing (its anchor is being prepared). All LCDs are supplied in the new SLIM rendering (thin edges) with high illumination LCD displays min. 1000 Cd/m2, antivandal rendering and they are equipped with antiglare glass (antireflection). The LCD panels are equipped with display SW using the design by the Transdata company that supplied the control SW for the terminal. The panels are autonomous and they download departure data from the control server of the terminal.

Realization of the transportation terminal in Bánská Bystrice

A departure panel in Bánská Bystrice.

In just under three months we managed to prepare a new type of departure double-sided stop panel ELP 225B for the newly constructed transportation terminal in Bánská Bystryce (more about the terminal here). The panel is characterized by an illuminated platform number (e.g. yellow – inter-city transportation, blue – suburban transportation, red – municipal transportation), a graphic LED surface for displaying bus departures, and a white time display. The supply also included information LCDs ELP 865A in the antivandal rendering and new SW Sprinter modified for transportation terminal control. The supply of 20 departure panels ELP 225B, 8x LCD 65″ in the antivandal rendering and the SW SPRINTER TERMINAL was produced and put into operation in just under 80 days including new mechanical solutions.

New type of vehicle communication – V2X (C2X) is coming …..

Possibilities of V2X for public transportation.

Our company has become one of the producers of units supporting the V2X (or C2X) communication. It is a vehicle-vehicle or vehicle-infrastructure communication based on the European standard ETSI ITS G5 and on the frequency of 5,9 GHz. This communication unifies the communication of a vehicle with its surroundings, i.e. both with other vehicles and with the infrastructure (intersection control units, intelligent signs, notifications sent to vehicles – e.g. to the EPIS on-board computers, communication with intelligent stop signs, manual or automatic throwing of switches, etc.). Both HW and SW components are fully controlled by our company which means that we can perform modifications on a request and supply custom solutions. These new V2X units unify our long-lasting efforts to create a unified vehicle communication device for medium distances that would broadcast the system state to the surroundings. We are preparing both a solution for vehicles (car unit) and a solution for stationary devices (RSU). These units will gradually become a standard in all motor vehicles and not only them. More information about the new units and systems will be published.

Renovation of some of the outer LCDs of the terminal Svinovské mosty

We performed a repair and renovation of some of the outer LCDs of the transportation terminal Svinov where the large overview 55″ LCD panels (type ELP A855 EH) were damaged by a passing vehicle. Small stop LCD panels were insufficient for displaying departures which is the reason why double LCDs (type ELP D821EH) were rebuilt into triple LCDs (type ELP F821EH) while departures were divided between the individual LCDs based on the traction and transportation type. The front protective glass was replaced and the “antiglare” technology was used. This important technological innovation reduced unwanted reflections coming from the surroundings.

Self-service customer checking controlled by the driver

Self-service checking using EPIS 4.0x a EVK 5.0BP

We prepared a set for self-service passenger checking primarily for municipal public transportation or for smaller regional public transportation routes where passengers get in the vehicle through the front door and the driver has a responsibility (possibility) to check self-service passenger checking using an on-board computer. Actions performed by passengers while using the EVK 5.0 BP validator placed in the entrance area by the front door are displayed directly on the terminal of the on-board computer including card validity and coupon type information. Passengers can do the checking themselves using a bank card or some of the known Czech public transportation cards (e.g. the Plzeň Card) The system is based on the EPIS 4.0X on-board computer and the EVK 5.0BP validator. The on-board computer contains a backup of the validator transaction database to increase reliability of the checking system. The EVK 5.0 BP electronic validator has undergone homologation for bank cards and the Plzeň card. It is possible to prepare custom solutions for other non-bank cards. The exact description of its behavior will be published within a week.

New type of electronic sign for Plzeň

New generation ELP 173-01Px.

A new type of the compact integrated electronic sign ELP 173-01Px was developed as a part of the innovation of public transportation stops in Plzeň. It displays current vehicle departures from stops and it also contains full standard equipment of large stop panels.

This sign solution is characterized by 3.8 mm LED spacing first introduced at the international fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. This spacing provides readability from the distance of up to 15 m in direct sunlight. The power consumption of this panel is decreased by half by using „black“ LED.

Features of the sign:

  • Display matrix of 30 x 120 LED diodes
  • online departures including the possibility of displaying a graphic surface
  • dispatching line combined with the date and time
  • command receivers for the vision impaired including acoustic announcements
  • UMTS and WiFi communication
  • direct sign – vehicle communication
  • illuminated stop sign turned on in the dark
  • illuminated schedule turned on in the dark
  • possibility of integrating TTS (text to voice converter for the vision impaired)

Another innovation in the Czech Republic is using lithium accumulators and power supply from public lighting. This makes installation and operation easier as it is not veccesary to build new access lines as it is possible to use existing public lighting power supply.

New solution of stop LCD for ROPID

ELP 832 VE for inner use.

A new type of displaying of departure information was utilized as a part of the installation of a stop system into the building of ČD in Kralupy nad Vltavou. The installation was performed for the Prague integrated transportation. The information will be displayed on 55“ and 32“ new LCD panels. An LCD stop panel in the „SLIM” rendering – ELP 855A (a new solution with narrow edges) was used for the 55“size. An industrial Samsung TV equipped with our control was used for the 32“size. It was installed in the upright position.

The new LCD panel solution includes multicolor line displaying, displaying a known stop and displaying current delays. Stops on the route are displayed in a very interesting way, they are listed in lower case under the target stop. Delays are displayed in red color to ensure they are noticed quickly. Graphic design was made for LCD panels in the horizontal position - ELP 855AE (standard horizontal rendering) as well as for LCD panels in the vertical position – ELP 832 VE (vertical ordering) as can be seen in the picture. Protective glass can be added to standard monitors if needed.

„CzechBus 2016″ Exhibition in Prague

Herman company stand at the CzechBus 2016 in Prague.

As in the previous years we took part in the CZECHBUS 2016 fair where we presented many new products:

Inner vehicle LCD together with Wi-Fi for passengers

VCS 215 B-LW including an anchor and antennas.

We put a new system of surveillance information and advertisement systems into operation. This system is supported by a new type of inner LCD for passengers – type VCS 215BE-LW that integrates a vehicle Wi-Fi unit – UCU 4.0 LTE. This new solution communicates simultaneously via up to 4 communication channels:

International exhibition „InnoTrans 2016″ in Berlin

Herman company stand at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin.

We took part in the international exhibition of transportation technology „InnoTrans 2016“ in Berlin. Our company was to be found at the A2/111 stand. It was our fourth time at this exhibition. We presented new products from this year’s production in the midst of strong international competition. Our presentation included:

  • new type of LCD for passengers VCS 290,
  • new type of stop sign ELP 183,
  • stop full-color panel ELP 368,
  • combined vehicle panel (multi-color modules combined with single-color modules),
  • white outer vehicle panels.
  • new line of compact on-board computers EPIS 6,
  • and other products and system solutions

Stop sign with an integrated LED panel

Digital LED sign ELP 183.

We prepared for production a new compact type of illuminated stop sign with an integrated LED panel with 3,8 mm LED spacing and readability from 15 m (the head of the sign does not have to be illuminated). the panels is called ELP 183. This sign conception as well as the 3,8 LED spacing was introduced for the first time in the Czech Republic. The LED panel can display 24 text signs, three lines (the number of lines can be modified if requested). The last line can be used as a dispatching line.

The used LED diodes are the same as those used for our new outer vehicle panels of the VLP 19/20/24 line (type D) and they use „black“ LED capable of power consumption lowered by half and higher light while having much higher contrast. This LED technology ensures very good readability even in direct sunlight and is controlled based on the surrounding light.

The panels can communicate with the dispatching center via a GSM/GPRS/UMTS network or via optic or Ethernet if used at a bus terminal. Thanks to their lower power consumption it is possible to use power supply from public lighting. When this power supply is used, embedded accumulators are charged at night and ensure correct function during the day. If requested this panel can be equipped with a command receiver for the vision impaired.

Similar low cost panels can be supplied. These panels were first introduced at the international exhibition InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin from 20.9 to 23.9.2016.

Outer full-color or combined RGB-single-color panels

We developed new types of low input power vehicle outer full color LED panels VLP 19/20RGB or combined LED panels VLP 19K/20K. The panels consist of multi-color, or also single-color LED modules (combined RGB rendering – number and single-color text) controlled by a new panel control unit. In the case of the multi-color LED module it is possible to choose from 256 colors for each LED. 8 degrees of grey can be set on the single-color module. The price of the combined rendering is only 3 – 4 thousand Czech crowns higher than the price of the single color rendering.

The fact that the panels are low input power is evidenced by the fact that the power consumption of the combined side panel in the picture was only 12W including its control unit when the picture was taken. The panels were introduced at the beginning of October 2016.

We supply vehicle camera systems

Vehicle LCD – type VCS 156AE2 with a hard drive.

We are preparing vehicle camera systems with the possibility of connecting up to 10 cameras and recording time of minimum 5 days and more. The basis of the system consists of a vehicle recording LCD (e.g. type VCS156AE2) equipped with a shock resistant hard drive with appropriate storage capacity. The system can be controlled either independently by external buttons or intelligently via the EPIS 4.x on-board computer. ECU 08P2 is used for this system which makes it possible for the cameras to be power supplied in accordance with the IEE 802.3af regime B standard. The system can also be used for joined trams. We are supplying 72 vehicle camera systems to DPO plc. in cooperation with Master IT plc..