Introduction – history 2011-2017

20 years of being an important supplier for public transportation

This is how we started back in 1990

In 1994, the Ing. Ivo Herman, CSc. company started developing products designed for public transportation. The first one was a triple independent digital stop annunciator equipped with a voice switchboard, radio communication adapter and a radiomodem – EPIS 2.01. In 1996, the company successfully completed its first important contracts for supplying new types of digital annunciator to Brno Transportation Company plc. and later that year also to Ostrava Transportation Company plc.. This year our company has been taking part in supplying and developing public transportation for 20 years. During this time the company has become an important innovator and system integrator of transportation solutions. The company has introduced many new products to the market. These products have become the standard and are included in basic vehicle equipment of our customers.

New contactless chip and bank card validation device

In the scope of improving our complex solutions, we developed a contactless chip (standard and desfire) or bank card validation device – type EVK 5.0 – and thus we improved our public transportation checking system portfolio and utilized our experience with developing and producing our EPIS 5FC on-board computer with checking. Our new validation device meets the requirements placed on such systems and it’s equipped with a high performance processor ARM with the Linux OS.

The basic features of this validator include:

  • Vehicle power supply with low consumption 7W.
  • 5,7″ display with a durable touchscreen.
  • Mifare card reader including desfire or bank cards.
  • 4 slots for SAM modules.
  • Black box for transaction data with output data backup for at least 31 days
  • remote SW updates
  • possibility of acoustic announcements
  • easy installation into a vehicle

You can find more information about the validator and solutions of checking in public transportation vehicles here.

Complex information system for the public transportation companies of Most and Litvínov

As a part of the „IPRM DOPRAVA II. – informační systém veřejné dopravy“ project, our company in cooperation with the AŽD Praha company supplied a complex information system for public transportation companies, i.e. equipment for trams, depots, dispatching and intelligent stops including stop signs:

  • 47 EPIS 4.0B1 on-board computers with position surveillance and the ability to communicate with dispatching via a radio network for tram traffic produced by the RADOM company.
  • Outer displays with a new generation of LED, e.g. VLP 20Dx128GI(see the information form CZECHBUS 2015).
  • Combined side displays (outer LED/inner widescreen LCD) of the new type VCSP 20Dx128GIE/37 with high illumination 37″ LCD with 1920×549 resolution.
  • Dispatching system SPRINTER 2015.
  • 25 intelligent stop signs including LED panels with 5 (ELP 135) and 9 (ELP 139) lines,
  • Sign support platforms with illuminated stop and line indication and illuminated schedule display cases in a brushed stainless rendering.
  • Information stand with a 17″ touchscreen – type K717
  • A large panel with 18 text lines and 280 LED columns (the biggest we have produced so far) – type ELP 696 produced using the assembled panel technology.

The supplied components had to be newly developed (mainly the features of the stop information system). We also connected our EPIS on-board computers to cash registers form the Mikroelektronika company that receive line information from on-board computers.

Our new products at the Czechbus 2015 exhibition

Between 24.11 and 26.11.2015 our company was presenting its products at the Czechbus 2015 exhibition in Prague:

  • Stop assembled information panels ELP 683 including a text-to-speech converter
  • Simple stop panels – ELP 203 .
  • Checking with a credit card via EPIS 5FCx that had been adapted to Plzeň card.
  • Vehicle LED panels VLP D Line with power consumption reduced by a half.
  • Vehicle occupancy rate surveillance system– system APC.
  • Dispatching solution – SPRINTER 2015 IDS.
EPIS 5FC presented credit card payments in Paris

Between 17.11 and 19.11.2015 our company was presenting our checking system using the Epis 5FC on-board computer at the stand of the MONENT+ company at the „CARTES“ international exhibition in Paris. Our main goal was to present a modern checking system for public transportation supporting credit card payments. This system was connected to clearing presented by our partner company Monet+. There is a credit card reader integrated in the cash register (of the checking system).

If you would like to see this new technology we will gladly welcome you at our stand at the CzechBus exhibition in Prague.

New generation of outer information systems for vehicles

We are introducing a new generation of vehicle outer LED panels VLP xx line D with higher contrast (there are no white spaces), half power consumption at the same illumination and wider observation angles in comparison with other currently supplied panels. The new LED panels use new types of high quality LED (it is apparent that this technology has been developing very quickly) while the price of green LED remains the same (other colors possible). Their first presentation will take place at the CZECHBUS 2015 exhibition of transportation technology in Prague.

EPIS 4.0B on-board computer successfully managed public transportation preference in Žilina

We took part in a study „Preference of public transportation vehicles in the city of Žilina“for the ALAM ltd. company. The preference management unit in the vehicle was ourcomputer EPIS 4.0B, a TAIT radio station and for intersections it was the RMU 10 communication unit. Preference data was created by the EPCOMP programand the new SW CRUX for solving intersection communication points. The presentation was successful and it significantly improved the traffic capacity for public transportation vehicles. All this has been proven by references in Slovak national TV (minute 39:18) and at the websites of DPMŽ, the city of Žilina and internet newspaper DNES.

3x faster, 9x more data – new radio network FD NET for DPO

As a part of the „On-board system for public transportation“ project for DPO plc., we switched the FD NET radio networkto a new mode of communication that brings 3x faster contacting of vehicles and 9x bigger data transfers than before and we managed to do it in 12 hours. The basic vehicle calling cycle is 20 seconds or 10 seconds depending on the number of vehicles. The new radio network is able to transfer full vehicle position data even during dispatching announcements and to send data to public transportation vehicle preference at intersections.

In connection with this almost all the provided transportation company information system SW was replaced – dispatching SW SPRINTER, FW of the central radio switchboard,FW of individual radio bases, SW of the control computers in depots and all vehicles (more than 600), SW of EPIS 4.0B on-board computers and the TAIT radio station configuration. All the communication protocols connected with controlling the radio network were also replaced by new ones i.e. a complete change of all rates in the system that could only be tested in live operation took place.

Information system for the Hulváky terminal in Ostrava

At the end of June, we supplied stop panels for the newly built terminal Hulváky in Ostrava. One large 15 line panel ELP 602 and two departure 6 line panels ELP 332 including connecting them to the dispatching from ODIS, s. r. o. at Svinovské mosty were supplied.

The large arrival panel is placed at a crossroads among a number of stops. It also serves as a navigation feature for passengers as there is an arrow indicating from which stop the connection departs.

A high illumination LED technology with 5mm spacing was chosen for this realization. They are able to display 36 signs on one line of the large panel and 33 signs on one line of the small panel. The panels also include a command receiver for vision impaired Epnev 1.13.

Passenger counting system APC as a security camera in vehicle doors

We are preparing a possibility of displaying vehicle door areas on the driver display of the EPIS 4.0x on-board computer.Vehicle door areas are monitored by stereo-camera passenger counting sensors UCP-01. This allows the driver to monitor what is happening in vehicle door areas when the doors open which allows the driver to determine when the doors can be safely closed. The APC system not only monitors the number of passengers but also increases safety.

New features also include the possibility of remotely replacing the program of the UCP 01 sensor unit by using the remote vehicle service and the possibility of directly setting the unit by using the EPIS on-board computer without having to use a notebook.

A picture from cameras of the EPT 4.08B terminal

We managed to unify the data processing system:

  • for on-board computers, dispatching and vehicle occupancy monitoring – all this is done by the EPCOMP II program,
  • data creation in EPIS on-board computers in the form of operation logs including passenger counting
  • program for processing data from the APC system – program ADA
  • SW for remote system supervision – dispatching program SPRINTER, depot surveillance RADON.
International Exhibition in Moscow

From 13.05. until 15.05. we were presenting our products and technological solutions at the „Elektrotrans“ international exhibition in Moscow where we shared a stand with the Techniserv company, our commercial representative. We presented our important technical solutions:

Our presentation also included a new product, the digital LCD sign ELP 819W that can be embedded into various mechanical constructions and contains an industrial PC, a UMTS modem and a 19″ LCD suitable also for sunny weather.

We keep the prices of vehicle LCDs while innovating them

Displaying of the vehicle route for IDS JMK sent via the IBIS busbar.

Even though the US dollar rose by 25% against to the Czech crown increasing initial costs, we have decided to keep the long term selling prices of LCDs at the same level and not to transfer the initial costs to our customer. Despite this unfavorable situation we keep preparing new solutions and innovations. These include further development of customer oriented screens and solutions – e.g. for IDS JMK. As a part of improving the functioning of vehicle LCDs for passengers, we are preparing new ways of installing LCDs in vehicles, namely a “master” and “slave” rendering, where one LCD in a vehicle is superordinate of the others including high resolution LCDs.

The new on-board system EPIS 4.0B is in production

New touchscreen LCD driver terminal - EPT 4.08B

Presently we are producing (more than 700 pieces) a new type of on-board system, EPIS 4.08B with many improvements compared to the preceding versions:

  • a new type of the EPT 4.08B LCD terminal EPT with capacity touchscreen and H=7 hardness of the front screen, it also includes a card reader with the possibility of using a SAM module
  • a new rendering of its integrated power supply unit with significantly higher performance and an integrated voltage transformer for vehicle radio stations.
  • New ways of controlling the EPIS 4.0B on-board computer and vehicle LCDs for passengers functioning as dynamic vehicle signs .
We presented at Czechbus 2014

Our stand at the Czechbus 2014 exhibition.

From 19.11. to 21.112014 we were presenting at the stand LK-60 at the Czechbus 2015 exhibition in Prague, Holešovice. At this exhibition we presented:

From development to delivery in less than two months
ELP 350 panel in Bratislava at the Dúbravka lin

ELP 350 panel in Bratislava at the Dúbravka lin

In less than two months we developed, manufactured and installed a new type of double faced information panels ELP 350 controlled via Tetra radio network as demanded by Bratislava transportation company. We supplied 10 double faced graphic information LED panels including support columns that we also installed at the stops of the newly reconstructed Dúbravka line. The spacing of yellow high illumination LED diodes is 6 mm, the surface is 48 x 192 points and the casing is rendered in black color. These panels are equipped with command receivers for the vision impaired.

Putting the ELP 330 panel into operation in the scope of PID
ELP 330 panel in Mníšek pod Brdy.

ELP 330 panel in Mníšek pod Brdy.

We installed and put into operation a new type of the double faced graphic 6-line ELP 330 panel in the scope of Prague integrated transportation (PID). This panel updates the displayed information by itself in real time. It uses the MPV NET application to be able to do that and it is the first panel to work with this application in a new control mode under ROPID. This panel is able to display a bottom line with moving information and it also has a separate line displaying the date and time. The spacing of its high illumination LED diodes is 5 mm, its surface is 60 x 280 points and the color is yellow.

We presented our products at the international fair InnoTrans 2014
Our company's stand at InnoTrans 2014.

Our company

Between 23.9. – 26.9. 2014 we successfully presented our products at the international transportation technology fair in Berlin – InnoTrans 2014 - hall 7.1 stand 226. We presented our new products such as complete public transportation vehicle equipment in accordance with the IDP standard (integrated transportation of the Plzeň region), i.e. the EPIS 5FCC on-board computer with checking, a complete set of LED panels of the VLP 24 series and the VCS 185 passenger LCD. There was another completely new exhibit, the MSP 5.0 compact on-board computer (a new generation position surveillance module) that can be used not only for position surveillance and communication with the dispatching but also as a new type of on-board computer for public transportation and there are other uses as well. Other exhibits included an on-board computer set for public transportation – EPIS 4.0A in 2014 rendering and the newest version of the SW SPRINTER 2014 for transportation companies. We also presented a new type of the ELP 150 digital stop sign. We have been a part of this fair for the third time (2010 and 2012).

We are realizing the project “The On-Board system for public transportation vehicles”
Scheme of the transportation information system of DPO plc..

Scheme of the transportation information system of DPO plc..

We started the realization of the biggest transportation information system project in the Czech Republic in the last 10 years for Ostrava Transportation Company plc.. This project includes delivering and installing 624 pieces of the EPIS 4.0B on-board computer, communication system equipment for 6 depots, a new dispatching including the newest version of the SW SPRINTER 2014 and the newest version of the EPIS FD-NET radio network serving at least 25 radio channels on 3 radio bases including roaming. The project also includes equipment for a driver training centre with a vehicle and dispatching simulator. Chosen vehicles will be equipped with passenger counting systems. We are working on this project in cooperation with the Master IT plc. company.

Prototype of the MSP 5.0 position surveillance module
Initial screen of the MSP 5.0. position surveillance module

Initial screen of the MSP 5.0. position surveillance module

We are testing a position surveillance module prototype – MSP 5.0 – for IDS JMK. The production of this module should start at the beginning of September 2014. This module can be described as an on-board computer with a high-performance ARM processor (1 GHz, up to 4 cores, micro SD 8 GB / 1 GB RAM), a GSM module for 3G/UMTS/GSM networks, a GPS module with 2.5 m accuracy including control busbars Ethernet, IBIS (both MASTER and SLAVE renderings) or RS 485. An independent 3-channel stop annunciator with 1-bit outputs/inputs is included as well. MSP 5.0 can also control passenger LCDs in vehicles including transportation information and advertisements and it provides WIFI for passengers and all this with only one SIM card. This concept is based on the EPIS 5 FC public transportation checking unit.s

Departure panels for the new bus terminal in Náchod
Combined text multi-color information departure panel of the ELP 450 series

Combined text multi-color information departure panel of the ELP 450 series

We have realized a new type of combined text information departure panelstype ELP 450 – for the newly opened bus and train terminal in Náchod (4.7.2014). In this panel, two-color LED diodes (red, yellow) are used for the bus transportation information field. The color of the text line depends on the type of connection – i.e. an arriving regional transportation bus connection displayed in red color and a municipal public transportation connection displayed in yellow color can be displayed simultaneously on the same line. The municipal public transportation connection is displayed below the regional public transportation bus connection. These lines move up depending on departure times. There are also two lines with white diodes displaying train connections at the near train terminal. The panel also includes a tasteful roof protecting it from intensive rain. The roof is mostly an architectural feature since these panels are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions.

The EPIS 5 FCC On-Board Computer with Checking is in Action
The EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with passenger checking

The EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with passenger checking

The EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with checking has been in a pilot scheme since the beginning of May. It is being used on the lines of the IDP (Integrated Transportation of the Plzeň region). On Friday 23.5.2014, full certification was performed including prolonging coupons on the Plzeň card and in the accounting center. Presently the programming of communication with the newly built dispatching of the IDP is being finalized and tested. In the scope of the installation of the EPIS 5 FCC a new conception of public transportation vehicle installation has been created. This installation observes the demands of the organizer of public transportation. Read more in the press release ….

New ELP 150 stop panel with 4,2mm LED diode spacing
An ELP 150 panel prototype - one of the possible variants of colors

An ELP 150 panel prototype - one of the possible variants of colors

We have finished the development of the new small ELP 150 stop panel. These panels have a fine LED matrix with 4,2 high illumination LED diode spacing (a completely new product in the Czech Republic)! The panel itself is equipped with a new type of embedded command receiver for the vision impaired with increased resistance against interference, a 5,4 GHz WiFi access point, a camera with a dim light and a GSM/GPRS/UMTS module for communication with the dispatching and outside temperature measuring. It is also possible to use the last text line of the panel to display online dispatching announcements or it can be used as a graphic surface.

New Concept of the SW EPIS 5FCC

New splash screen EPIS 5FCC.We are preparing a new concept of controlling the EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with checking. The new SW simplifies significantly the way the driver controls the computer (intuitive control) and it ensures much more reliable payment transactions.

The initial screen allows the driver to directly choose the line, the route, schedules, check-in and to work with a contactless chip card, close or open deductions, set the system, log out and others. The left sidebar allows the driver to quickly switch the screens. The lines at the bottom of the screen describe the state of the vehicle and of the on-board computer (information systems, communication with the dispatching, GPS, check-in).

Presentation of the check-in and information vehicle system

We presented a new information and check-in system for public transportation vehicles at the meeting of Sdružení dopravních podniků ČR a SR (Association of Public Transportation Companies of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic) held in Košice on 7.11.2013 and at the Czechbus exhibition held in Prague on 14.11. – 16.11.2013. The main components were:

We also presented a stop panel equipped with public WiFi and an information stand (Ipoint).

Presentation of the check-in and information vehicle system

We presented a new information and check-in system for public transportation vehicles at the meeting of Sdružení dopravních podniků ČR a SR (Association of Public Transportation Companies of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic) held in Košice on 7.11.2013 and at the Czechbus exhibition held in Prague on 14.11. – 16.11.2013. The main components were:

We also presented a stop panel equipped with public WiFi and an information stand (Ipoint).

The presentation at CZECHBUS 2013 – Prague

The presentation at CZECHBUS 2013 – Prague

The presentation at the meeting of Sdružení dopravních podniků ČR a SR – Košice

The presentation at the meeting of Sdružení dopravních podniků ČR a SR – Košice

Finishing the development of the HW of the EPIS 5FCC check-in system

We finished the development of new hardware for the new passenger checking system EPIS 5FCC and started the production of a zero series (the published picture is a prototype made using a 3D printer). The first piece from this series will be introduced at the Czechbus 2013 exhibition in Prague. We are currently working on control SW for various IDS systems. Some of them should be ready for tests by December 2013.

A New product – dynamic fonts of outer LED panels of the VLP series

We are the first company in the Czech Republic to introduce outer vehicle LED panels VLP 24 using dynamic fonts. It is possible to send texts directly into the panels – names of stops according to the definition from the CIS (Central information system) and the panel itself optimizes the size of the text and the number of lines. In the attached demonstrative example it is possible to see how the panel gradually in a few steps executes the analysis of a received text and optimizes the size of the font and the number of lines (the calculations are intentionally slowed down). Therefore it is not necessary to prepare and maintain a special database for vehicle panels. In reality it takes only a few microseconds and the panel only shows the result. This is made possible by a high-performance control unit in the panel (almost one billion operations in one second, 8 Megabytes Flash and 2 Megabytes RAM and all this at competitive prices)

Summer prices of outer LED panels of the VLP 19 series

We have prepared a new series of vehicle LED panels of the VLP 19 series for construction. These panels have the same number of LED as panels from other companies, however, they are distinguished by very low prices, a low input power solution and by high quality LED diodes (a lifespan of at least 10 years). Thanks to lowering the number of LED diodes with a 10 mm distance between them it is possible for us to produce low price panels which is the reason why we are talking about an economic solution. The following products and prices are meant primarily y for scheduled public transportation and apply with the purchase of 5 pieces of sets

Order code Product name PRICE(without VAT)
72382.19x144GI_01 Outer LED panel: front – type VLP 19 × 144, IBIS, green LED 849 €
72382.19x112GI_01 Outer LED panel: side- type VLP 19 × 112, IBIS, green LED 739 €
72382.19x325GI_01 Outer LED panel: rear – type VLP 19 × 32, IBIS, green LED 359 €
The “Beer tram” or “šalina pub” project
Picture from the introduction of the beer tram on 15.6.2013

Picture from the introduction of the beer tram on 15.6.2013

Our company took part in the project of DPMB plc. called “Beer tram”. We supplied the inner audio/video system for this tram. The system consists of a modified on-board control computer EPIS 4.0A, three LCD displays for passengers – VCS 185A, an Ethernet switch ECU-8P and other installation components. For this system we developed a new operation program both for the on-board computer – an application for controlling the audiovisual programs, and for the passenger LCD displays. The system of the multi-media player is distinguished by a special new way of synchronizing the playing of films in individual LCD displays … More

A Comparison of LED panels and LCD displays for informing the passengers

Because of many questions whether it is better to use panels with LED displays or panels with LCD displays we have prepared a comparison of these technologies for You. The PDF file for download: here

The Price offer for regional public transportation vehicles

In order to speed up the communication with our customers we have decided to gradually release the prices of our products which are not tied to projects or other customer solutions. We believe that we can afford to do this because we have invested substantial resources in the development of the new solutions.

The following products with prices are meant primarily for scheduled public transportation and apply with the purchase of 10 pieces of sets. The prices can differ in accordance with requested modifications.

Order code Product name PRICE(without VAT)
72128.5FCC EPIS 5 FCC basic version – ARM equipment, 1GB RAM, 2GB SD card, GPRS 1469 €
72382.24x200YI_01 VLP 24x200YI_01 – vehicle outer LED panel yellow without a lens, IBIS – front 939 €
72382.24x160YI_01 VLP 24x160YI_01 – vehicle outer LED panel yellow without a lens, IBIS – side 799 €
72382.24x40YI_01 VLP 24x40YI_01 – vehicle outer LED panel yellow without a lens, IBIS – rear 459 €
72381.VLP20x120RI-02B VLP 20x120RI_02B – vehicle two-line LED panel red, IBIS – inner 5,0 mm 659 €
72381.VLP10x120RI-12B VLP 10x120RI-12B – vehicle one-line LED panel red, IBIS – inner 6,2 mm 459 €
7121.EPNEV304I.K EPNEV 3.04I – set of a command receiver including a 1m cable and an 1,8m antenna 169 €
72385.VCS185A-WE VCS 185A-WE – front vehicle18,5″ W single-faced LCD panel (Ethernet) 819 €
72385.VCS185B-WE VCS 185B-WE – front vehicle 18,5″ W double-faced LCD panel (Ethernet) 999 €
An On-board computer with the new generation dispatch EPIS 5 FCC

We are preparing a new type of on-board computer EPIS 5FCC with dispatch – a compact version with exceptionally large 10,4″ display for easy control by the driver while issuing tickets. It also contains a printer with an extended lifespan, a scanner BČK, GPS with 2.5m accuracy, communication GSM/GPRS/UMTS, Wi-Fi, 3x digital annunciator unit, 4x SAM module, up to 32 GB SSD, a passenger color LCD, 40W amplifiers, Ethernet USB, a multi-core computer and other technological amenities and this all at a very acceptable price. It will be available from November/December 2013 with homologation for chosen IDS together with the new “Back Office”..

A Dispatch unit EPIS 5FCC with the functions of an on-board computer and communication

A Dispatch unit EPIS 5FCC with the functions of an on-board computer and communication

Our participation at an international conference dealing with municipal transport

We exhibited our newest complex information system for public transportation companies (vehicles, dispatching, station panels, etc.) as a partner company in Plzeň on the occasion of the second annual international conference “Smart and healthy municipal public transport” on 9. – 10.4.2013. Simultaneously we published a contribution dealing with “Transportation information system for public transportation” in the conference almanac. Both the presentation and the article can be found on the website ““for download”

News in the field of LCD panels – VCS 185 E

Vnitřní jednostranný vozidlový LCD panel VCS 185.

We have started the production of vehicle wide-angle low-input LCD display VCS 185E- 24V/0.9A, i.e. 22W in the narrow profile. The panel can be controlled with all types of busbar (Ethernet, LCD, IBIS), however, we prefer Ethernet where it is possible to directly update the data. With other types of busbar the content of the panel can be easily transported using a USB Flash drive.

The station information stand I-Point

Station information stands directly connected to station panels are another of our new products. The advantage of this solution is that the stands can be used wherever and even with different types of panels. These panels can display departures from chosen columns at a chosen time, they can also display a map of the lines of IDS in accordance with the zones, search for connections and they are also connected to public internet. Although we had already proposed this system in 2006, we have only managed to realize it now.

The Public transportation terminal Ostrava-Svinovské mosty

We realized the passenger information system in the newly reconstructed public transportation terminal Ostrava – Svinovské mosty. The information system of the terminal contains 6 small station double LCD panels with clocks, 1 double 42″ panel with a clock, 8 large 55″ LCD panels, a system of collecting information from induction loops and using this information for the purposes of running the information system, a newly developed station watch system controlled with the help of GPS and also an innovated OAS system.

LED panel ve tvaru čtyřstranných hodin s kamerou.

LED panel shaped like a four-sided clock with a camera.

The passenger Information system in the public transportation terminal in Cheb

We realized the passenger information systems in the newly opened public transportation terminals in Cheb and Nové Město na Moravě. The information system at the terminal in Cheb contains 10 small text-based electronic information panels for white platforms (regional public transportation), 6 panels for red platforms (municipal public transportation) and 4 large eight line single or double faced text-based overview panels. The following picture shows 4 platforms of regional public transportation with lit panels.

Dopravní terminál Cheb

Public transportation terminal in Cheb

Electronic information panels for large bundles of IDS JMK

We produced 51 electronic information panels for IDS JMK and renovated another 80. The following picture shows their installation in Brno at Hlavní Nádraží. The panels can be found all over the South Moravia region.

Electronic information panels (ELP) are characterized by:

ELP Brno hlavní nádraží.

  • A connection via 3G network (UMTS). This ensures simultaneous communication of the passengers with the internet and of the panel with the dispatching of IDS.
  • A built-in control computer PC which ensures both on-line and off-line work.
  • A low-input 50 x 160 LED display with the frequency of 300 Hz. The consumption of the panel in the picture is 40W.
  • A public WIFI network for passengers. Passengers can use their phones to connect to the panel and get the information they want from the internet.
  • A possibility of connecting to an i-point, i.e. an information LCD display for passengers (an information stand for the web sites of IDS JMK and other applications).
  • A wide- angle camera with a surveillance angle of 120 degrees and with high-performance illumination up to 30 m and with an infrared curtain. The dispatcher can thus observe what is happening at the stops and make immediate decisions accordingly.
  • An integrated command receiver of signalization with a digital annunciator unit of the content of the displayed text for people with impaired vision. It is also capable of a quick search for the demanded line.
  • The ability to measure and display the temperature around the panel and many other improvements.
INNOTRANS 2012 – Berlin

On 18.9. – 21.9. 2012 we participated in the international exhibition of transportation technologies INNOTRANS 2012 in Berlin and presented our new products there:

  • The on-board computer EPIS 4.0A for public transportation systems.
  • The on-board computer EPIS 5 FC for scheduled public transportation with a long lifespan, a reader of contactless chip cards, a possibility of making a backup, a digital annunciator unit, GPS, GPRS or UMTS communication, WIFI and other functions including the new “backoffice”.
  • Intelligent station LED and LCD panels with support LCD terminals for passengers and hot-spots including direct vehicle-station communication.
  • A solution of dispatching information systems of public transportation companies including the II. generation of combined private radio voice/data networks.
  • Automatic contactless setting of tram and trolleybus switches.
  • A solution of the preference of public transportation vehicles at crossroads.
Innotrans 2012

Innotrans 2012

The Station information system – Plzeň

We put into operation 12 station LED panels of a new mechanical construction in the city of Plzeň. Due to this project we were able to improve our dispatching system SPRINTER with LED or LCD panel control and to interface the collection of data from the vehicle -> dispatching control -> visual information for passengers at stops. Unlike regular control of the panels via GPRS here the control is executed through a standard DP radio network .Direct communication of the vehicle with the station panel is newly used here (vehicles log on when their doors open and log off when their doors close). This construction was a continuation of the “Dynamic dispatching” project (i.e. supplying equipment for 350 vehicle systems, dispatching and depot SW SPRINTER 2011, preference of public transportation vehicles at crossroads, automatic setting of tram and trolleybus switches).

The Information system of public transportation companies based on EPIS 4.0A – Zlín
Řídicí jednotka palubního počítače EPIS 4.0A

Řídicí jednotka palubního počítače EPIS 4.0A

We realized a new information system for the Zlín-Otrkovice public transportation company in cooperation with the CROSS Zlín plc. company as a part of the “Preference and global coordination of public transportation in Zlín Checking, controlling and information system of public transportation”. This system is based on the new type of on-board computer EPIS 4.0A enhanced with a 8″LCD touch terminal for the driver with the IPS technology. The new on-board computer contains a new type of radio communication adapter with minimal speed of data radio communication of 2.4 kbit/s and new integrated voice communication. 92 on-board computers and dispatching and depot SW SPRINTER 2012 were installed.

The First showing of the system for scheduled public transportation

On 27.1.2011 our company together with our partner companies COLSYS and TELMAX successfully participated in the showing of a working sample of our new information and checking system (an on-board computer, LED panels, checking units, dispatching) which took place as a part of the “Complex checking, controlling and information system of public transportation in the Zlín region”. Our association supplied the best price offer in comparison with associations EM Test and ČD Telematika.