OBU for installation on the roof

OBU designed for roof mounting. It has all antennas in it, so you only need to bring in communication cables or single-bit inputs. Signal quality is identical or better than using an external antenna for the vehicle mount unit.

Thus, the unit is especially for use on public transport or road manager's vehicles.

An all-in-one solution for the OBU that installs on the roof of the vehicle. This solution ensures simple installation, where instead of running sensitive coaxial cables, you only need to bring in e.g. an Ethernet cable with PoE. This is particularly applicable in situations where there is no need to bring in many communication buses and there is space on the roof. The cables are fed into the unit using hollow screws (which also hold the unit on the roof) or grommets.

Due to the size of the unit, it is suitable for mounting on larger vehicles, i.e. buses, trams or trucks.