EPIS 5.0 Ax on-board computer with fare collection

The EPIS 5.0X series on-board computers are single board quad core PCs with components and communication interfaces required for operation in public transport vehicles and not only there (they have the same "motherboard" base). They include LTE modem, WiFi modem, GNSS (GPS) unit, Ethernet, USB, RS 485/CAN, etc. They can be in standard form (standalone unit) or "dockable" (can be carried and brought) and with an internal or external power management unit in the vehicle. Depending on the application, they differ from each other in some HW details, interfaces used, types of connection connectors or acoustic signal processing.

EPIS 5.X is a split computer variant, i.e. it consists of an EPC control unit to which different types of LCD terminals can be connected - from EPT 4.08C, EPT 4.10 or EPT x.12 or external control panels (e.g. OV-01). They can thus contain both interfaces for a compact system (EPIS 5.0Ax) and for a split variant where the LCD terminal and the on-board computer are separated by 10 m.