Receiving loops and receivers

General features of BSV TR and RC receiving units

The BSV-TR xx type receivers are used for wireless reception of the signal transmitted from the vehicle. The BSV system units operate in the free band according to General Licence No GL-30/R/2000 issued by the CTU on 21.11.2000 under No 502500/2000-613 with a transmission rate of 1200 bit/s (AM) or 4800 bit/s (FM) at a frequency in the 120 kHz band.

Basic wiring of the receiving part of the signalling from the vehicle for the turnout

The distances of the positioning inductive loop from the turnout shall be sufficient with respect to the driver's reaction to any misalignment of the turnout, the vehicle speed and the position of the BSV transmitter on the vehicle. This minimum distance of the inductive loop from the turnout shall be 20 m (applies to trams and trolleybuses).