Switch control units

Switch control units - BSV PU

The BSV PU turnout control unit is installed in the turnout electronics control box and allows direct control of single or double turnouts in all building modes:

  • by means of the "straight - into the turnout" button
  • three-button "left - straight - right"
  • automatically according to position or by line guidance
  • change control (not used for trams)

Information about the direction of stopping or the presence of a neutral code is received from the BSV-TR 01R unit. The unit can be used for full manual turnout positioning, as it can also be connected to interlocking devices or contacts indicating the progress of the positioning.

Switch type definition

The BSV-PU contains a DIP switch marked "turnout type". This defines whether it is a left or right turnout. The state of this switch is decisive when the BSV-PU 0x SW performs the decoding of the received stop instruction "straight" or "to turn". Based on the state of the switch, it then commands the appropriate relay - "left state" or "right state". In other words, the switch determines LEVEL = RIGHT or LEVEL = LEFT. The same is true for the received "turn" direction. If the switch is in the OFF position, it is a right-hand turnout, i.e. the direction is LEFT = LEFT, TO TURN = RIGHT. If the switch is in the ON position, it is a left turnout, where the direction EQUAL is always recoded to RIGHT, the direction TO TURN is identical to the direction DOWN.