Digital electronics sings

The term digital marker is understood as a device where the stop marker (PTS - "Public Transport Stop") includes an active information system that usually displays the current departures of public transport vehicles or provides a static display of timetables or other traffic information or even has direct communication with the public transport vehicle.

We manufacture and supply digital signage as one-legged, two-legged or other bespoke (e.g. hanging). The information part is then in the form of:

  • built-in - i.e. the passenger information panel is part of the sign - it is built-in (e.g. ELP 10x, ELP 17x, ELP K819),
  • superstructures above the marker - i.e. the information panel is placed on top of the marker (ELP 12x, ELP 827),
  • addition of an LED panel to the marker (ELP 13x, ELP 15x) - the panel design has smaller dimensions,
  • compact panel and stop sign (e.g. ELP 183), where the panel forms a compact unit with the sign.
  • Solar powered stop signs usually containing e-paper (e.g. ELP 191) - not suitable for standard LED
  • Signs with combined information system - this type includes LED sign, timetables with e-paper scrolling including current traffic information and possibly other communication - e.g. V2X

LED panels for stop signs are characterized by a small number of rows 1-6 and high density of LEDs - spacing between LEDs 3.8-5 mm. The LCD solution is more likely to replace a simpler timetable (contains more lines) but may have problems in direct sunlight.

LED digital markers usually have a shorter reading distance of up to 15-20 m, which corresponds to a font size of around 3 cm. For LCD markers, this depends on the number of lines displayed (depending on the screen design) and also on the sunlight, which can limit the reading distance to a relatively short distance. For e-paper (e-ink) solutions, there are several display options - displaying current departures or displaying timetables, traffic information, etc.

In the case of a central control room with vehicle position data collection, LED (LCD) markers can display current departures according to the position of the vehicle on the line.