Vehicle Transmitting Units

Transmitting units operating with frequency modulation

The BSV-TR 12 and BSV-TR 14 non-contact turnout units are designed for transmitting FSK modulations in the 120 kHz range at 4800 bps. They receive control information over the IBIS bus or the fast RS 485 bus using a modified MODBUS protocol.

BSV-TR 1x units are designed and constructed to meet the requirements of standards, in particular electromagnetic compatibility (EN 50155), temperature and power supply range, shock resistance and resistance to environmental characteristics. The system also complies with safety regulations.

  • The BSV system complies with the requirements of standard ČSN 341510.
  • In relation to the standard of ČSN 341510 - §12, §13, §17, §20, we state that the BSV system meets the conditions mentioned therein and it can be stated that:
    • the altitude for the use of BSV in the Czech Republic does not affect the functionality of the equipment.
    • the system is designed so that its individual parts meet the requirements of the environment in which they are to operate (applicable to temperature, ambient humidity, shock and environmental characteristics).
    • the equipment is not connected to the traction voltage in the vehicle compartment (it is supplied from the on-board power supply).
    • The permissible deviations of the supply voltage from the batteries are met and significantly exceeded for all devices, as the system elements have integrated protection against overvoltage, voltage spikes, etc.