LED systems

External LED information panels - direction indicators (boards) are produced as front, side, rear (side digit behind the driver) or as a cursor with different LED spacing and different number of columns and rows. They are characterised by excellent lateral legibility using so-called flat LEDs (especially in the "black face" version) and single (monochrome) or multiple coloured or "black" LEDs (the latest technology with full black housing - they have half the power consumption and higher contrast). Selected high-brightness LEDs and the use of efficient inverters ensure low power consumption of the technology and extended lifetime - e.g. a side board can consume only 20 W! Of course, the LED panels (boards) can be precisely controlled according to the ambient light, rotating or sliding texts. The long service life of the panels is due to the working mode of the LEDs well below the maximum values of the current flowing. The panels are (can be) equipped with dynamic font change according to the length of the text and a minimum of 7 grey levels (new generation).

They are available in 8 mm, 8.6 mm and 10 mm pitches.