Indoor LED boards

Indoor LED panels in public transport and VLD (public line transport) vehicles provide passengers with up-to-date information about the line number, the current and next stop, the name of the destination station (min. 20 characters in a bold font), the names of important transfer stations, the current time and fare zone and other additional information (e.g. scheduled classes).

In particular, the two-line design gives new display possibilities, e.g. status of connecting lines, information about their delays, current events at a given stop, etc.

The information panels are controlled by the on-board computer via IBIS, RS 485 or Ethernet. The user can select the display method: static, rotating, inverted or even graphic display. The information is displayed in red or yellow with adjustable character size according to the font type. It is possible to create texts for the panels using custom fonts and icons (school connection, wheelchair accessible transport, detour, trial run, alternative bus service, transfer to train, etc.).

The internal LED panels can be remotely reprogrammed from the on-board computer (SW and data). The panels have electronic light control according to ambient light intensity based on voltage control and time multiplex. Voltage regulation ensures low power consumption and prolongs panel lifetime. Text size is readable from any position for vehicle occupants. A minimum font height of 3,5 cm is guaranteed by LED spacing of 5 mm (or 6,2 mm) and 10 LEDs per line of text. General features of indoor LED information panels:

  • Fonts with different sizes (single, bold, italic, double)
  • Selectable text rotation directions and display cycles according to vehicle status
  • Brightness control according to ambient light
  • Wide range of supply voltages from +12V to 32V
  • Low power consumption and extended lifetime due to LED panel voltage control
  • Easy installation in vehicles (similar to existing methods)