C-ITS unit RSU

Use of RSUs

RSUs (Road-side unit) provide communication between a transport infrastructure element (e.g. traffic light controller) and vehicles in its vicinity. Therefore, the units have a V2X communication interface.

RSUs can thus serve e.g. as:

  • A communication unit for the intersection controller, where the RSU provides reception of requests for priority of public transport or emergency vehicles. It can also provide the signal plan and intersection topology to vehicles in its vicinity.
  • Communication unit for other traffic detection devices. For example, it can automatically trigger an alert when a traffic detection camera detects, for example, a stationary vehicle or a person on the roadway.
  • Message distribution to and from central systems, i.e. to the C-ITS Back office server. For this, Herman offers the Anbos server, which provides exactly these tasks and into which the RSU is fully integrated. In this case the RSU can serve as a "sensor", which provides to the C-ITS BO the received C-ITS messages (for instance, a slippery road warning, sent by a passenger car).