OBU units for public transport

Use of OBUs in public transport

OBUs for public transport perform several basic functions:

  • They provide vehicle preference at intersections using V2X.
  • They provide warnings to the vehicle driver based on received C-ITS messages.
  • They serve as the main access point to the Internet.

To ensure public transport priority at intersections, the OBUs support the latest C-ROADS standards and SREM + SSEM messages. Our experience is demonstrated by more than 1500 OBUs installed in several large projects. Especially the projects in Brno and Hradec Kralove are internationally appreciated.

The features of our units include:

  • Request for preference at an intersection based on the MAPEM message received and route knowledge, if available.
  • Support for a number of communication protocols with the on-board computer (IBIS, IBIS-IP, IBISplus, etc.). Additional protocols can be implemented upon request.
  • Support for working with public transport timetables.
  • Ability to read vehicle status from various sources, e.g. CAN bus.
  • Localization to internal digital map bases, including sensor fusion.
  • Informing the on-board computer of a received warning message (e.g. warning of an IZS vehicle passage).
  • Warning drivers in the vicinity of a dangerous situation, e.g. presence at a stop or hard braking.