Text information LED panels

Basic features of information text stop panels

LED text panels are designed to display mainly text information only. They contain letters, digits, alphanumeric characters and possibly user-defined semi-graphic characters. They are available in various panel sizes.

Panels with a small number of lines and a smaller number of displayable characters are suitable for indicating departures from given stations, i.e. each station is equipped with a text information panel that displays only departures on that platform. This concept greatly simplifies passenger orientation on the platform and throughout the terminal.

Panels with a large number of lines and a large number of displayable characters are suitable for placement on the arrival routes of transport terminals or large interchanges. They are intended in particular for easy orientation of incoming passengers so that they can quickly and clearly obtain information about the departure of the service, its platform number and, if necessary, the delay within the transport terminal.

The communication and control part of the panels contains communication interfaces of the following type:

  • Ethernet connected via a fibre optic network towards the monitoring workstation (control room). The communication interface is optional according to the local situation (e.g. RS 485).
  • Internal data interface to the blind signal receiver including amplifier with audio output and loudspeaker.
  • Interface to control fans for cooling of panel power supplies and overall panel ventilation to extend panel life.
  • Interface for controlling the voltage on the LEDs to ensure low power consumption and independent light control capability on both sides of the panel.

Panel control is performed by instructions from the control software from a server located in the supervisory station.

The panels are designed to comply with EN 60721 - 3 - 5 standard regarding rain intensity (6 mm/min) and solar radiation intensity (1200 W/m2 for 8 hours).

On the front surface of the panel, outside the active display area with LEDs, texts characterising the arrangement of the fields on the panel are glued.