Combined LED/LCD

These double-sided panels have two control units and two interfaces, one for the LED panel control part (IBIS, Ethernet) and the other for LCD control (usually Ethernet only). The double-sided panel as a whole is adapted to bring one or two power lines to power two display systems. In the case of using our concept of system power supply according to EPIS 4.0x on-board computers, the power supply is HS for the external LED panels (switches off when arriving at the terminus to save energy) and CS for the LCD panels (switches off only when standing at the terminus for a long time).

The panel is controlled by the on-board computer via IBIS or Ethernet bus or a combination of both. The two display areas are thus independent of each other and are controlled separately from the on-board computer. All data display is under the control of the on-board computer.

Within the mechanical design, this double-sided side panel shall respect both sizes - i.e. the length of the LED side panel and the height of the widescreen LCD. The individual LED panels and LCDs can be combined according to customer requirements.