Combination side panel - VCSP 20Dx128GI/37WE

This is a type combining a high contrast VLP 20D x 128GI (Type D) LED exterior panel (green and IBIS bus controlled) and a 37″ (high brightness 700 Cd/m2) side internal vehicle widescreen LCD controlled via Ethernet.

General Features of Combined Double-sided LED/LCD Panels

Combination double-sided vehicle panels are typically characterised by:

  • On one side of the display panel, an area of LEDs behaving like standard external vehicle side panels (see Figure 1 below),
  • and on the other side of the panel inside the vehicle, a widescreen LCD display to show the progress of the route to passengers (see Figure 2 below).

These two-sided panels have two control units and two interfaces, one for the LED panel control portion (IBIS or Ethernet) and the other for the LCD control (usually Ethernet only). The double-sided panel as a whole is adapted to bring one or two power lines to feed two display systems. In the case of using our concept of system power supply according to EPIS 4.0x on-board computers, the power supply is HS for the external LED panels (switches off when arriving at the terminus to save energy) and CS for the LCD panels (switches off only when standing at the terminus for a long time).

The panel is controlled by the on-board computer via IBIS or Ethernet bus or a combination of both. The two display areas are thus independent of each other and are controlled separately from the on-board computer. All data display is under the control of the on-board computer.

Within the mechanical design, this double-sided side panel shall respect both sizes - i.e. the length of the LED side panel and the height of the widescreen LCD. The individual LED panels and LCDs can be combined according to customer requirements.

LED panel part

In general, any LED side panel manufactured by us can be used - from VLP 19 to VLP 30 and with IBIS, RS 485 or Ethernet control bus. The user can choose the method of displaying texts and symbols on the LED part to be static, rotating, inverted or even graphic. The information is displayed in the selected panel color - green, orange or yellow, etc. With adjustable character size according to font type. It is possible to create texts for the panels using custom fonts and icons (school connection, wheelchair accessible transport, detour, trial operation, alternative bus service, transfer to train, etc.).

External LED panels (directional indicators - boards) can be remotely reprogrammed from the on-board computer (software and data). The panels have electronic precision light control according to the ambient light intensity based on voltage control on LEDs and time multiplex. The voltage regulation ensures low power consumption and prolongs the panel lifetime (the maximum working mode of the LEDs is well below the maximum values - about 30%). Thus, the side panel can have an average (not maximum) power consumption of only 20 W (when using our new low power panels - D series). The panel is designed as a 300 Hz general screen on which the user can define different display windows. The panels are characterized by maximum utilization of the active display area.

Parts of the side LCD panel

The parameters of the internal LCD side panel parts correspond to the standard VCS types, but may vary in the supplied LCD (from 19″ to 38″) according to the customer's requirements, usually in a widescreen version with a resolution of 1920 x 540 pixels (or 1920 x 502 pixels).

For creating scenarios (individual displayed sections) on the route on the LCD panels while driving we supply specialized software - CityScreenInfo. The software has a graphical user interface that allows simple and fast management and creation of scenarios for LCD panels of the CityScreen type.