The split version of the on-board computer with the EPIS 5.0B check-in system for public regional (regular) transport is based on the general design of the EPIS 5.0A series and respects in particular the OIS (check-in and information system) control features of buses, as it is not always "easy" to install a compact version in vehicles.

EPIS 5.0B is a customized continuation of the EPIS 5.0A on-board computer with check-in. EPIS 5.0B consists of the following components:

  • the wide-angle LCD touchscreen terminal EPT 5.10A-02
  • EPC 5.0 Bx control unit based on a 4-core PC
  • the customer passenger check-in unit EPP 5.0A QB, which includes a printer, bank and non-bank card reader, QR code reader, no customer display (black cover glass only),
  • EPI 5.0Bx power supply unit (IJN50),
  • external vehicle identifier...

Compared to the EPIS 5.0A version, it has improved communication via CAN bus and, most importantly, it allows on-demand wake-up if it is kept in a separate APN in the GSM network. The APN network is necessary in order to prevent hacker attacks from outside the internet, as these attacks would constantly "activate" the computer. This allows updates/downloads to be made at any time (GSM/LTE is constantly on) and during inactive times the computer consumes up to 10 mA, i.e. it does not put any strain on the vehicle batteries.

Basic features

  • Control processor - INTEL E3845 series, quad-core with a ramp-up time of 40 seconds.
  • RAM - 2 GB DDR3.
  • Internal memory 32 GB - SSD (capacity can be changed).
  • Driver announcements - 1 × 5 W (included in the on-board computer unit).
  • Reporting to the car and outside the car - 2 × 20 W (output via docking connector).
  • Microphone - integrated in the front of the touchscreen LCD driver terminal EPT 5.10A.
  • Wired connectivity - 2 × Ethernet - of which 1 × Gbit/s., 1 × 100 Mbit./s., standard IBIS, combined CAN/RS 485 bus, 2 × USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
  • Wireless connectivity - LTE modem (up to 100 Mbit/s), Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac module (up to 430 Mbit/s).
  • Single-bit inputs/outputs - 4/4.
  • GNSS - SIRF STAR IV technology - accuracy approx. 2.5 m (GPS and GLONAS).
  • Internal battery to eliminate short-term power outages from the vehicle's on-board power supply.
  • Powerful power supply unit for the possibility of powering peripherals up to 24 V/30 A.
  • LCD - 10.1″ widescreen , 1200×800 resolution, luminance min. 500 Cd/m2, touch screen, backlit membrane keypad.
  • Check-in unit with thermal ticket printer (for 80 mm wide paper) , bank card reader, QR code reader and acoustic signalling to passenger.
  • Slots for up to 2 SAM modules (4 modules on request).
  • Easy installation in the vehicle.