Transportella is a dispatching server for monitoring and control of public transport.

Transportella is our public transport dispatching software, which is suitable both for cities and regions. The software helps public transport operator to monitor and control status of public transport. 

It has the following monitoring features:

  • complex vehicle status monitoring, i.e., display of current location, delay, line number, destination and other operational needs
  • quick overview of the situation on a given line.
  • monitoring of interchanges

The program allows the dispatcher to:

  • establish a voice call with the driver of a given vehicle or with a group of vehicles (e.g., all trams).
  • control if interchange will be allowed.
  • control the route of the vehicle on the service journey, including dynamic stop assignment.

The program automatically takes care of:

  • dynamically predicting the delay of the vehicle based on other vehicles and current traffic situation.
  • providing data to connected stop panel to provide timely information for passengers
  • providing data to a mobile application for passengers.