Ethernet switches with managed PoE

Ethernet switches with controlled PoE are communication units designed especially for installation in public or regional public passenger transport vehicles. They are equipped with PoE ports with the possibility of remote power control from on-board computers (e.g. EPIS 4.0x, EPIS 5A, etc.). In this case, it uses two free pairs of UTP cable for power supply (solution with 100 Mbit/s) , which is very suitable e.g. for our APC passenger counting systems and camera systems in public transport vehicles (vehicle occupancy monitoring) or for EVK 5.0 contactless smart card validators. A description of the connector wiring is given in the chapter below.

It serves as a network switch with a comprehensive set of Layer 2 switching functions. The network architecture is of the Fast Ethernet type. It is characterized by easy installation in the vehicle.