LCD terminals for EPIS 4.0x

The EPT 4.0x LCD driver terminals are available in 7″, 8″, 10.1″ or as 12.1″ colour TFT LCD flat panel touchscreens for industrial applications in public transport companies, public line vehicles and elsewhere. The diagonal size of 7″, 8″ or 12.1″ is suitable for placement on the vehicle dashboard where it does not take up too much space, while the displayed text is very easy to read. The touchscreen display is suitable for applications that require quick decision making and the layout of the display enhances driver responsiveness through clarity. The intuitive layout of the controls is far preferable to the complicated keyboards familiar from "classic on-board computers".

The following terminals are (were) produced for EPIS 4.0x on-board systems (computers):

  • EPT 4.07basic 7″ version with resistive touch screen produced from 2009 to 2013 (production discontinued).
  • EPT 4.08 enhanced 8″ version with resistive touchscreen with extended lifetime produced from 2012 (discontinued).
  • EPT 4.08B and EPT 4.08C - 8″ version with capacitive touchscreen accompanied by contactless smart card reader including SAM module (active type), while version C is fully compatible replaces version B (not in production as of May 2018).
  • EPT 4.10A and EPT 4.10B10.1 version with capacitive touch screen and contactless smart card reader including SAM module - also suitable for line check-in with EPC 5.0A on-board computer.
  • EPT 4.12Ax - version of the LCD driver terminal serving as a display unit for camera systems or also as a driver terminal or as a general computer monitor.

All types are interchangeable in connector and function. EPT 4.08C (EPT 4.08B), EPT 4.10x or EPT 4.12x have an extended communication protocol with the EPC 4.0x control unit due to the use of contactless smart card readers (not for EPT 4.12x).

The basic features of the LCD driver terminals are:

  • LCD panel 7″, 8″, 10.1″ and 12.1″ with capacitive touch screen (resistive no longer supported)
  • Additional 6 backlit membrane keys on the side of the display (not for EPT 4.10B or EPT 12.1x type)
  • Control via a single RS 485 interface
  • One +12V power supply from the on-board computer
  • Only one HDMI - DVI interconnect cable for video signal, control and power wires (so called "single cable" interconnect).
  • Beep function
  • Low power consumption (from 7W to 15W)
  • Easy vehicle mounting (stand-mounted or built-in)
  • Integrated RFID contactless smart card reader including SAM module (on request for EPT 4.08C and EPT 4.10A) - not valid for EPT 12.1

LCD backlight and membrane keypad are controlled from the on-board computer or can be set automatically based on ambient light. There are several function buttons on the panel to speed up operation (user definable) - not applicable to EPT 4.10B and EPT 12.1:

  • Alarm (emergency) - for emergency call to the control room in case of driver attack,
  • service/setup - allows quick access to the menu for setting basic system parameters,
  • timetable - allows a quick transition to the timetable mode,
  • sound/microphone - allows a quick transition to work with the acoustic and communication system (announcements to the car, voice or data communication with the dispatching),
  • Cancellation/ESC - cancellation of the functions listed on the screen,
  • OK - confirmation of the actions shown on the screen.

The auxiliary keypad has two special buttons activated by "double-click":

  • HW PC reset - this reset causes the same reaction as the "PC reset" and is independent of the EPT and EPC communication protocol.
  • touch pad calibration (only suitable for EPT 4.07).

In the lower right part of the panel there are two indicator LEDs for power and data communication status. The panels have an internal temperature sensor and allow remote firmware replay using the on-board computer.