Unmanaged Ethernet bus switch ECU-05L

It is a small Ethernet bus unit with 5 ports - the economical version. ECU-05Lx is an Ethernet communication unit without processor control. It is equipped with five 10/100BASE-T RJ-45 ports with automatic MDI/MDX detection (crossover/non-crossover cable connection detection function). It serves as a network switch with a comprehensive set of Layer 2 switching functions. The network architecture is Fast Ethernet type.

This unit is available in three versions, namely:

  • ECU-05Lstandard version of the unit with 5 Ethernet ports without PoE.
  • ECU-05L.3E - a version of the unit where ports Eth1, Eth2 and ETH3 are connected to pins 4,5 and 7,8 for the possibility of bridging external PoE power between the described ports. Other parameters are identical to the ECU-05L unit mentioned above.
  • ECU-05L.2P - version where outputs Eth5 and Eth4 have power outputs of passive PoE type B monitored by a 0.7A reversible fuse. The status of the unit is indicated by three colors - green is OK, red - PoE error on Eth5, orange - PoE error on Eth4.

PoE outputs under E have external voltage applied to one of the ports. PoE outputs under P have a voltage identical to the power supply voltage of the communication unit

Connecting the Ethernet switch connector with PoE - ECU-05L.x

The voltage at the PoE output - type B is +24V (others on request) protected by a reversible fuse (marked in red on the label) for Eth4/POE and Eth 5/POE connectors. The voltage is present when the switch is switched on - the supply voltage is applied via the reversible fuse to the output power pins of the connector as follows:

Colour coding according to T568B
10/100 type B, DC power supply line
Pin 1Pair 2 TipWhite/orange
Rx +

Pin 2Pair 2 RingOrange
Rx -

Pin 3Pair 3 TipWhite/green
Tx +

Pin 4Pair 1 RingBlue
DC +
Pin 5Pair 1 TipWhite/blue
DC +
Pin 6Pair 3 RingGreen
Tx -

Pin 7Pair 4 TipWhite/brown
DC -
Pin 8Pair 4 RingBrown
DC -