C-ITS Back office Anbos

The Anbos software is a server-based system that provides the full functionality of the C-ITS Back Office. It takes care of the creation, signing and processing of C-ITS messages as well as the overall management of the connected C-ITS units. It can be installed at the customer's site or used as a cloud service.

Anbos: The Central Control Server for C-ITS Units

In the intricate world of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), seamless control and management are paramount. Anbos, formerly known as UCUBOS, takes center stage as the control and monitoring server that oversees the management of C-ITS units, including Roadside Units (RSUs) and On-Board Units (OBUs). This critical component allows for unit configuration, monitors their status and lifecycles, and unit updates. Moreover, Anbos serves as a hub for storing messages to be sent to C-ITS units and those received from them, thanks to the C-ITS Backend.


Anbos serves as the bridge between users and the C-ITS units. It features a user-friendly graphical interface and upholds a persistent storage system, making it the ideal interface for configuration, status monitoring, and management of C-ITS units.. However, it does not directly manipulate C-ITS messages but efficiently processes the information derived from them.


On the other hand, the C-ITS Backend is the heart of the C-ITS Back Office (BO) system. This real-time component plays a pivotal role in receiving, distributing, generating, verifying, and processing C-ITS messages. It is the sole component of the C-ITS BO that directly handles C-ITS messages, necessitating real-time capabilities. For added security, it can be linked to a Hardware Security Module (HSM) to sign and verify C-ITS messages. Messages are triggered in the form of C-ROADS use cases, which guide their distribution among connected C-ITS units through the MQTT(s). The C-ITS Backend is also linked to the central BO-to-BO server, facilitating the exchange of C-ITS messages with other C-ITS BOs. For its secure communication needs, it connects with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). All the necessary information, such as received and generated messages, is exchanged with the Anbos server via HTTP.


The comprehensive system comprises several integral components:

1. INVIPO: This top-level software caters to traffic center operators, primarily operated by traffic dispatchers. While not necessarily part of the system, it can perform tasks that overlap with Anbos.

2. Anbos: This versatile software serves as the management and configuration tool for RSUs and OBUs, while also acting as an interface to the C-ITS Backend. C-ITS experts operate Anbos.

3. C-ITS Backend: This entity is at the forefront of handling C-ITS messages and ensuring their smooth flow within the system.

4. RSUs and OBUs: Devices deployed in the field

5. BO-to-BO server: This component acts as the source of messages from other C-ITS Back Offices, promoting cross-office communication.

6. PKI Servers: These servers provide the essential certificates required for secure V2X message communication.

7. Other Traffic Servers: These servers contribute traffic-related data to INVIPO for a more comprehensive traffic management approach.


Anbos takes its functionality a step further by providing an API to the units, addressing critical aspects:

- Unit Authorization (BasicAuth): Ensuring the units are appropriately authorized to access and communicate within the C-ITS system.

- Unit Status: Clear definitions of unit status, maintained, monitored, and managed. This status is consistently structured and stored in the database for uniform frontend presentation across all units.

- Unit Status History: The system records and preserves the status history of units, both current and historical records, offering a comprehensive perspective.

- Data Management: Anbos takes responsibility for data maintenance, including the continuous update of unit status, and the purging of historical data in line with pre-defined rules.

- Unit Updates: Anbos diligently tracks the versions of individual packages in the units, and in the event of any discrepancies, notifies the unit of the availability of updated packages, ensuring the units remain up-to-date.


In the intricate world of C-ITS, where real-time communication and data management are paramount, Anbos stands as the backbone, providing control, monitoring, and seamless data handling for C-ITS units. This centralized management system keeps the wheels of intelligent transport systems turning efficiently and securely.