V2Deep application

V2Deep is a unique software for visualization of all V2X messages. It connects to any V2X-equipped unit by Herman and shows in real-time all received and transmitted messages. Using a specially designed protocol, the V2X unit sends all its traffic to V2Deep, which processes all messages, interprets them as the unit would do and shows all relevant information on a map. The program is therefore useful for on-site analysis of the V2X traffic and mainly to check if all units behave correctly.

Get an Insight into V2X Traffic with V2Deep

In the dynamic world of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication, real-time insights into traffic behavior are invaluable. V2Deep is a powerful software solution that offers a window into the V2X traffic landscape, allowing users to visualize and understand the behavior of connected units, messages, and traffic signals. Here's why V2Deep is a must-have tool for anyone working in the realm of V2X technology.


Real-Time Insights

V2Deep provides real-time visualization of V2X traffic on a map. Users can track the movements of On-Board Units (OBUs), examine the traces of DENM  messages, and monitor the status of signal groups at traffic lights. This capability offers users a dynamic, real-time understanding of how V2X units behave. The program mimics OBU behavior, which means it can identify and display currently relevant messages like DENMs and IVIs, depending on the unit's current position.


Support for All ETSI Messages

V2Deep comes equipped with a built-in V2X stack that supports all message types and the latest version of V2X standards. Users can delve into the content of received messages across various layers, from the link layer to the application layer. What sets V2Deep apart is its ability to not only display message contents but also interpret them. The software goes a step further by verifying the digital signatures of secured V2X messages based on ECTL, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the data.


Simulation Mode

One of V2Deep's standout features is its simulation mode, allowing users to manipulate the GPS position of a connected V2X unit. This means you can move the unit's position on the map, simulating its actual movement. This capability has several practical applications, such as testing vehicle priority and HMI interface of other units. By simulating unit positions, V2Deep empowers users to fine-tune V2X applications and evaluate how they respond to changing scenarios.


Wireshark Integration

For those familiar with Wireshark's packet analysis capabilities, V2Deep offers seamless integration. Many companies rely on Wireshark to examine the content of V2X traffic, but it lacks the ability to visualize messages over time or display them on a map. V2Deep addresses this limitation by loading PCAP files and replaying messages on a map. Moreover, it can receive messages opened in Wireshark and provide graphical interpretations. This integration ensures that users have a comprehensive view of their V2X traffic data.


In the fast-evolving landscape of V2X technology, V2Deep stands out as a versatile and indispensable tool. It not only enables real-time insights into V2X traffic but also supports all ETSI message types, offers simulation capabilities, and seamlessly integrates with Wireshark. With V2Deep, you gain a competitive edge in the development and analysis of V2X systems, making it a valuable asset for engineers, researchers, and anyone working in the field of intelligent transportation systems.